Drake And Joe Budden End Feud During Coronavirus Pandemic

The oddest of times call for oddest of events. Drake and Joe Budden end their feud for whatever reason they thought was best. Perhaps the coronavirus lockdown is the best time to bury the hatchets after all? The two have been going at each other for years. However, on Sunday Drake made an appearance on Budden’s Instagram Live and clarified that he did not ever truly avoid him. The Tootsie Slide singer cleared that he was not there to meet him, hence it was not possible. Pretty slick!

Drake And Joe Budden Feud Reach End?

As mentioned earlier, Joe Budden and Drake ended their feud on Instagram. Drake explained that he never deliberately avoided the former 39-year-old rapper. He told, “Never avoid you. I just don’t see you. We’re never in the same place.”  Budden continued by asking, “is it because I’m too broke?”, after which drake jokingly nodded his head and shot back, “I didn’t want to say it”.


Joe Budden wanted to take one more playful jibe at Drake over their feud. He helped the Hotline Bling singer recall how he has given interviews to Elliot Wilson and B.Dot of Rap Radar but not to him. He wanted to know when would that be possible. To this, Drake tried to slither away by saying that it will happen after the album is ready. Joe quickly replied, “You’ve been saying that for a year, and now I have a whole leaked album with like 30 Drake joints.”  Drake dismissed that, after which the conversation concluded.

The Drake Joe Budden feud has been going for several years, where the two stars threw punches at each other several times. Budden once dissed Drizzy’s album Views by calling it “uninspired”.  This led to Drake dissing Budden in his track 4 PM In Calabasas. Moreover, it was during his Summer Sixteen tour when Drake went for Budden another time.

Nice to know that all it took was a pandemic to stop these two fellows.

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