Are Jennifer Garner and Ana De Armas Feuding Over Ben Affleck?

Ben Affleck and Bond girl Ana De Armas are all lovey-dovey in their newfound relationship. The former Batman star cannot wait to introduce his new love to his kids, but maybe there is a problem now. Affleck’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner does not look too happy with this decision, suggesting there might be friction between the two ladies. Reports also suggest that Garner gets all riled up just by mentioning the topic of Armas having an opportunity to know her and Affleck’s children.

What Is Up With Jennifer Garner and De Armas?

Latin Times reports suggest that they have news that Jennifer Garner does not like the idea of Affleck making children meet Armas. According to one report, Garner even placed a few restrictions on Affleck during their divorce. One of these conditions was that she “didn’t want to disrupt their daily routine by allowing different women to come into and out of their lives.”

This source also claims that Jennifer Garner’s double standard about this clause also infuriated her ex-husband when she started dating John Miller. Miller met her children and even built a nice image of himself. However, at this stage, we would like to clarify that the news outlet fails to reveal evidence or any related backing story. Therefore, it is best to think of this as a rumor until we get to the bottom of this.

Interestingly, Gossip Cop is the one to bust this source out of the park. They claim that Jennifer Garner has no issues with her former husband dating Ana De Armas. In fact, she has remained supportive of him even after their divorce. She has helped Affleck with his addiction issues and supported him in finding love as well.

GC also reveals that this news source is downright malicious and has a habit of making Jennifer Garner look negative. Do you guys think what they are reporting has any sort of truth behind it?

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