Jameela Jamil Talks about How We Can Change the World for the Better

Actor and presenter Jameela Jamil recently appeared on the Channel 4 News Podcast Ways to Change the World. And introduced her I Weigh campaign to encourage women to share the values they have outside their appearance. In the podcast, Jameela Jamil opened up on a lot of topics discussing body images and body confidence. But she even mentioned the destructive power that social media possesses today.

Jameela Jamil On Ways To Change The World

While appearing on the Channel 4 News podcast, Jameela Jamil expressed her thoughts on the culture of airbrushing, weight loss and vanity. Further, she discussed her latest campaign and her feelings on surviving in Hollywood during the #MeToo movement. Jameela Jamil added that she did not agree with the toxic influence the Kardashians were on young girls in society. While opening up on her struggles with skin color and anorexia, the actress perfectly gave the message on how the world needs to be changed for better.

The Negative Impacts Airbrushing Brings

Jameela Jamil claimed that airbrushing has adverse influences on her mental health. When the actress moved to Los Angeles for the first time, she was continually told that she would never succeed in Hollywood. And all because she was supposedly too old, fat, and too ethnic.

Even though, Jameela Jamil is well recognized now, she shared that at too many instances, she is made to ‘look white’. And that’s only to make her look more acceptable for the Caucasian audience. Every time she has to appear on a photo shoot or campaign, she is airbrushed. Not only is her skin color made lighter, but her nose is also fixed to look more Caucasian. Jameela Jamil expressed that all this hurts her feelings. And even hurts her from a cultural point of view.

Jameela Jamil strongly feels that airbrushing damages the relationship between people and their bodies. Further, it gives them the feeling that they are naturally not good enough. She even said that airbrushing makes her dislike herself when she sees it in the mirror. And not only is it destructive for her, but also for the girls who see it.

Jameela Jamil’s Struggle With Anorexia

During the podcast on Ways to Change the World, Jameela Jamil got real about her battle with anorexia. She revealed that for three years, she did not menstruate. Just because she was starving herself to fit into the ideal body image.

Jameela Jamil further shared that even though as a teenager, she was fairly talented, she never saw good in herself. Despite being smart and good in music, she always believed that she could never be enough unless she weighted a particular ideal size.

While discovering the real reason behind her eating disorder, Jameela Jamil discussed the destructive impact of media on our body perceptions. She said that she would never read about talented musicians, intellectual people or astronauts. Rather, she would always come across sexualised pop stars or actresses who were skinny to the extent that their weight was obsessed over. In fact, every magazine she owned would sell weight-loss products. Or preach her to be thin if she wanted to be worth something.

After suffering from a disturbing accident that broke her back, Jameela realized how to appreciate her body. She felt that she had taken it for granted for so long. And it made her hurt her body. But after it, she changed her relationship with her body. The actress even gained some weight.

She added that previously, the pressure to have the perfect body was on celebrities only. But the toxicity has grown so much that it’s now on everyone.

Taking Control By Being The Change

With the #MeToo movements, and her own I Weigh campaign, Jameela Jamil feels now that she can exercise more autonomy over her photo shoots. Now she can decide whether or not anything should be altered.

Previously, this was not how things used to be. Jameela was given little power or approval on whether her images were edited to look more white or not. In fact, she did not even have an idea as to what picture would be used. She said that only now, she is starting to have autonomy. She does not want to any part of the problem that ruined her teenage years.

Earlier this year, Jameela Jamil also launched her I Weigh campaign. And thousands of people on social media are sharing what they weigh in terms of achievements and other proud moments. All of this was her attempt to take the focus away from body weight. She feels that it’s time to change the world to ensure that women are made to feel they are worth more than what their physical weight says.

Should Women Experience What Jameela Jamil Did?

Making countless women suffer from eating disorders, and lose all their confidence in their own bodies is probably the worst things we as a society do. Not just Jameela Jamil, but majority females out here are judged on their body weight and skin colors. Body shaming and consequently low self-esteem has been destroying women for a long time now. And to change the world for better, it is essential that we put a stop to this.

A perfect body size or a white skin color are considered ideal beauty standards. But the reality is that these are perceptions that we have induced through social media and our celebrities. It’s unrealistic and the toxicity has spread so much that numerous women starve themselves to death for the zero figure. It’s disturbing to know that even in the 21st century, we believe in editing pictures to make our models look white. Just because we need to dictate white beauty standards to our audience.

Body shaming and lack of acceptance for people of color is destructive for everyone in society. Especially females. It’s time that we change the world to let every individual feel that they are worth a lot more than just their physical self.

With celebrities like Jameela Jamil, Beyonce, and Grace Moretz stepping up for this, we might just change for good.

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