Actual reason why Billie Eilish is ignoring Bhad Bhabie

Just a week ago, news hit Billie Eilish’s fans that Bhad Bhabie shaded her during a live stream. Now, why would she do that. Both young singers were pretty good friends. Their friendship started with Instagram chat. And since then, both have been seen together multiple times. Even some fans believed that Billie and Danielle Bregoli, the “cash me ousside” queen, are dating. No one really saw them “making out”, but they just believed it because they wanted to. Bhabie even had to say pretty good things about Billie. But not anymore. Since she shaded the Ocean Eyes singer, the fans are not happy.

Reason why Billie Eilish is ignoring Bhad Bhabie

Billie Eilish has not addressed the shade till date. However, she liked an Instagram post. That has led fans to believe that’s her throwing shade back at Bhad Bhabie.

Yikes, is that toxic friend Danielle Bregoli? The fans do not just believe that Billie is done with Bhabie, they are also speculating that Bhabie “acting weird for clout” is the reason why Billie Eilish must be ignoring her. She is not replying to her anymore, and Bhabie believes it is because Billie got famous. Not because Bhad Bhabie herself did something wrong.

Fans believe all of these incidents (we are going to list here) are the reasons that would force anyone to cut ties with Bhabie.

Listing all the reasons…

A) Bhabie blaming Billie for being too famous to text back.

B) The feud Bhabie had with Iggy Azalea. At Cardi B’s Fashion Nova launch party, Bhad Bhabie threw a drink at Iggy when she was busy taking pictures. However, Iggy ignored her and later shared on Instagram that she will not “fight a child”. Iggy also said she cannot believe how far people go for clout. The next thing we know, Bhabie shades Iggy in a tweet saying she cannot get clout from someone that is less relevant than her. Oh boy, you can check the whole fight explained here.

C) Bhad Bhabie has recently threatened to kill Skai Johnson. Just something to do with a one-sided love triangle. If that’s even a thing. Skai ended up filing a restraining order against her. (As would anyone if threatened to cash someone ousside).

D) When she hit Woah Vicky.

E) The time when she turned up at Malu Trevejo’s house to fight with her. I mean, we know how Malu is. But showing up at her place, that’s just going to drive fans crazy.

F) Bhad Bhabie also “addressed” people when she was criticized for cultural appropriation.

The fans believe that Billie Eilish shouldn’t hang out with her. And probably all of the above-mentioned reasons add up to her ignoring Bhad Bhabie.

Well, that’s what most of the fans believe. What are your thoughts on the whole “feud”. Is there even a  feud between Billie Eilish and Bhad Bhabie?

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