Teen Mom Slams Kylie Jenner for Making Young Motherhood Sound Glamorous

Kylie Jenner is undoubtedly one of the most followed celebrity faces that you can find. With her billion-dollar beauty empire and her own family reality television series Keeping Up With The Kardashians or her boyfriend’s latest music video, Kylie Jenner never fails to let the spotlight go.

Kylie Jenner welcomed her precious little baby daughter Stormi with Travis Scott back in February. And she is not afraid to show off her girl in adorable social media pictures. Kylie Jenner gave birth when she was just 20 years of age. But she is passing on the baby fever to a lot many girls out there. Is she glamorizing young motherhood?

Kailyn Lowry Slams Kylie For The Situation

Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry slammed Kylie Jenner recently while appearing on Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag’s podcast. While discussing parenthood, Kailyn Lowry said she did not want to mom-shame anyone. But she felt that Kylie Jenner made motherhood seem glamorous. She said that she did not want to hate Kylie because she is obviously very successful. But Kailyn Lowry pointed out the perks that Kylie enjoys as a mom but not everyone else does. Like she is rich and can afford a nanny or external help to assist her in taking care of the child. With all this, Kailyn Lowry felt that Kylie Jenner portrays that having a child at such a young age was glamorous.

Kailyn Lowry admitted that it was slightly different for Kylie since she did not have Stormi in her teenage girls. But Teen Mom faced a lot of backlashes. And all because people felt that the show is glamorous. Kailyn Lowry added that it was all unjustified. She claimed that it took her seven years to obtain a four-year degree. And that she did not have all this money from the start.

According to Kailyn Lowry, Teen Mom does not make young motherhood seem glamorous. She said that Kylie Jenner probably does not even realize that she has millions of dollars and that she can always go out and party and still have her child.

Is Kylie Jenner Glamorizing Young Motherhood?

Well, Kailyn Lowry does have a point in one or the other way. Kylie Jenner does not present the motherhood picture that most moms can relate to. Like, have we ever seen Kylie share a picture while changing Stormi’s diapers? And how come we have never seen the nannies that help take care of the baby?

With Kylie Jenner’s huge fan following, the motherhood picture Kylie is presenting might be quite misleading. We just get to see the side that would make any young girl have a baby. From her Instagram, it’s all about playing around and loving your baby while you chill and relax post-pregnancy. With that perspective, young girls might not see the stress that a baby brings. Not to mention the responsibilities, and extra financial constraints. If that’s how you view the situation, Kylie might be just another model glamorizing young motherhood.

Is Kailyn Lowry In The Right Place To Mom-shame?

Even if that’s not what the Teen Mom wanted, she did mom-shame Kylie a bit. And nonetheless, it made everyone feel that Kylie might not be a responsible mother. However, Kylie Jenner and Kailyn Lowry had children in completely different situations.

Kylie Jenner decided to have baby Stormi, and she was in a perfect place to make that decision. With her world-famous cosmetic chain and the Kardashian family being super-rich, it does not seem that Kylie Jenner made a mistake in deciding to have baby Stormi. On the other hand, Kailyn Lowry got pregnant when she was just 16. At that time, she was just struggling to make both ends meet. Moreover, Kailyn Lowry has three children from three different fathers.

So, if Kylie Jenner had the resources, what’s wrong with being a teenage mom? Is age even important as long as Kylie knows that she can take care of the baby well? By what we have seen, Kylie has been a good mother. She is even changing herself and accepting her for who she really is just because she wants to set a fine impression on Stormi. And in the whole scenario, Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy affair looks way more responsible than Kailyn Lowry’s.

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