Using music to raise awareness about Coronavirus?

It’s Corona time! COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2). Oh gosh. The name has literally taken over every walk of life. And as people are told to stay inside and protect themselves, the job is easier said than done. I mean, you give people off from school and work, they consider it a holiday. As countries go into lockdown, the public feels as if they are being held down. And they are. However, for their benefit. Coronavirus is a disease that is endangering the entire human race. But humans cannot take off of their own races. So much that now, people are turning to music to normalize the Coronavirus outbreak for the public.

Music to soothe your soul and cope with the Coronavirus

Alright so, by now, I think everyone has heard the Tiktok track ‘Its Corona time!’. Well, that track is not the only one out there. While there are people struggling to acknowledge the dire circumstances created by COVID-19, others are making music to help acknowledge it.

Since the virus literally spreads through a minor touch of the hand or a sneeze, it is important that people know how important it is to avoid that.

This one we found was particularly hilarious. It is a parody of Dance Monkey by Tones and I. And it is so good!

So he just changes all the lyrics from like,

They say oh my god I see the way you shine
Take your hand, my dear, and place them both in mine.
You know you stopped me dead while I was passing by
And now I beg to see you dance just one more time

To a Coronavirus version,

I say oh my god I see a coughing guy
Wash your hands my dear and keep them both from mine.
You know I block my breath while you are passing by,
Now you should go and buy the mask N95.

Well, the ideas are pretty creative! There’s so many more put online and they are all equally worthy of a hearing. So while you quarantine in your homes, safely tucked away from Coronavirus, we hope this kills some of your time. Beware though, the tunes might be catchy!

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