Here’s how Elijah Daniel proves he’s better than Trump

The US President Donald Trump and our favorite influencer Elijah Daniel are not really on good terms. They have a love and hate relationship from quite some time. Trump hates Elijah, that’s why he blocked him when he couldn’t handle the Elijah ‘Chakra’. On the other hand, Elijah loves Trump and even wrote a book on him; Trump Temptations. Yes, as the name indicates, it is an erotic novel. (added to the Quarantine book-list). Fast forward to current Coronavirus Pandemic, everyone knows what Trump is doing (or, not doing) about the COVID-19 Tests. Whatever it is, it does not seem to make much difference when compared to Elijah Daniel’s Cult For Good Twitter campaign.

Elijah Daniel & Cult For Good

Elijah Daniel can get very creative when it comes to making a point for LGBTQ+ community, teasing Tana Mongeau to get rid of Jake Paul (which she did eventually), and new hashtags. Amidst the Coronavirus panic of workers losing jobs and not finding enough supplies, Elijah Daniel took the stand and launched Cult For Good.

When you visit the website, it tells you the vision and motive behind the cult creation. In Elijah Daniel’s own words:

I don’t know why my stupid ass has to be the one to say it but: 

We are all humans, and we’re not making it through this without each other. My mother taught me to be kind and protect everyone, especially our weakest, Because our weakest at that time may also be our strongest.

Adding to the Cult’s mission, Elijah makes a very solid point that the “weak” at the moment can be one of us in the near future. This virus can affect anyone across the globe, and no one is really safe from it if we do not take the mandatory precautions to survive.

Starting with just the help of Forcer App, in less than 24 hours I’ve gathered a network of incredible people from millionaires, to influencers, to people who work with the homeless in Los Angeles every day. 

Elijah gathered people with resources to help and protect those who need it the most. With the help of this cult, cult relief trucks will distribute the necessary supplies for the needy people. These supplies include soaps, food, water, menstrual hygiene products.

He keeps doing better…

More supplies were added to the list as well, including toothpastes, sanitizing wipes, toothbrushes and band-aids. More donations led to addition of diapers, baby formula, baby wipes and other necessary items.

Just withing 36 hours, Elijah and his cult surpassed everyone’s expectations.

He even called out SeatGeek to help sponsoring the collection. Though we could not find their response online.

Meanwhile, the cult has added dog food and pet necessities to the list of items. They also teamed up with Vivera Pharma to test at-risk people for COVID-19 in Los Angeles.

Even some internet users have started to point out how good the cult is doing.

Even Elijah Daniel, himself, had to point it out as well.

And he is still not done making it better. Elijah Daniel is now hiring laid-off people to work as drivers for Cult Trucks, as he is expanding the cult to send supplies to more cities.

You do not have to be a fan of him, just be a human and do what y’all should do. If you cannot donate, spread the word. Every small donation counts.

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