Could Hillary Clinton Be Joe Biden’s Female Running Mate?

If not Hillary, then who?

The US Presidential Elections aren’t due till November, but that doesn’t stop them from making headlines. And yesterday, Joe Biden gave us an amazing one indeed. He confirmed that a woman will be his running mate as Vice President of the United States! If Biden does end up winning, then this will be unprecedented in the history of the White House. But, could it be Hillary Clinton?

Biden’s Announcement

Joe Biden made the announcement in his recent debate against Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Primaries. After Bernie Sanders said half his cabinet will be represented by women, Biden one-uped him:

And he didn’t just stop there. After the debate, he reassured everyone once again, this time on Twitter:

This gave Biden’s bid for the White House a much-needed boost. Previously, he wasn’t given much of a chance against Donald Trump. Recently, however, after the tide turned in his favor, the outlook is changing. People are actually entertaining the idea of him being in the White House, and this has raised another important question. Which woman will Joe Biden select as his Vice President for the race to the White House?

Potential Candidates – Some familiar faces

1. Kamala Harris


The first and obvious name coming forward is hers. This is because the two are close because of Biden’s late son, Beau Biden. Adding to that, when Kamala ended her bid for the Democratic Primaries, Joe Biden said some positive words about her. He said:

She can be president someday herself. She can be the vice president.

If we look at the optics, Kamala can balance out Joe Biden too. A woman of color running with a white man for the White House looks much better on paper. Moreover, Biden has always had massive support among African American voters. If Kamala does become his running mate, his chances of bagging their votes might become even higher.

However, she is marred in some controversy. Her record as a public prosecutor is not something many look back at fondly. So, Biden would have to look into that as well.

2. Elizabeth Warren


She is our other progressive candidate on this list, but her case is a bit tricky. She hasn’t endorsed anyone since calling off her campaign for the Democratic Primaries. But she could bring a lot of benefits to Joe Biden’s camp. She could help him bag some young progressive voters, which is what he wants. However, she might not be the best candidate for that.

Progressives and young voters didn’t always subscribe to Warren. Most of them usually prefer Bernie Sanders over Warren, making her not much of a suitable candidate for Vice President.

3. Amy Klobuchar


Her name also surfaces often around Biden’s camp. She was one of those candidates who endorsed Joe Biden right before Super Tuesday. In fact, that endorsement helped him win votes in a lot of the Mid-west states, especially because Amy herself is from Minnesota. Not just that, it might eventually help him in his big fight against Donald Trump in November!

Could Hillary Clinton make a comeback?

Let’s be honest, this thought went through our heads at least once when we heard Biden’s announcement. Could it be that Hillary Clinton makes a comeback as Biden’s running mate? In fact, James Wood made a really wild prediction about that!

Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are very slim. This tweet was complete sarcasm, as James Wood has been one of the biggest critics of Hillary Clinton. And logically, it seems like an absurd choice. This is because she is a tried and tested candidate. 2016’s Presidential Elections were her best chance of becoming the President of the United States. Sadly, the same was the case with Donald Trump, and he emerged as the winner. Moreover, she is surrounded by controversies of all sorts, such as those infamous emails and her record in Congress in voting for many pro-war bills.

Joe Biden has started an interesting debate with his announcement of picking a woman as his Vice President. The next few weeks will be crucial in determining how the race for the White House will change. Till then, all we can do is enjoy the ride and hope for the best. But seriously, Hillary isn’t getting the ticket.

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