Tara Reid Slurred Speech Raises Suspicions

Popular actress Tara Reid has caused some serious concerns with her last television appearance. During the promotions of The Last Sharknado, the star attended Today Extra as a guest. Throughout the live interview, Tara Reid had slurred speech and squinted heavily at the camera.

The host for Today Extra introduced Tara as the American sweetheart who quickly rose to Hollywood’d biggest party girls. The actress was basically there to talk about the release of the sixth and final franchise of the Sharknado. Tara Reid is very enthusiastic for the release of her upcoming sequel. But while commenting on it, she said that it was ridiculous. She said that it was so bad that it actually became good. Reid further revealed that this movie was her favorite one out of all the six. It featured extravagant concepts that took everything to the next level.

Even though Tara Reid remained in high good spirits throughout the interview, something definitely was wrong. The actress had stumbled over her words and spoke in somewhat slow, drawn-out sentences. With her comments, it was clear that Tara Reid was having trouble  expressing herself. Most of her words were drowned in her own mumbles. And while Tara answered the questions on the show, some obvious sneering could be heard in the backgrounds.

After her interview on the Australian Channel Nine, Tara Reid was due to appear on another show for her press tour of the upcoming Sharknado movie. But the actress cut it out saying that she had some back issues. And that while she recovered from the pain, she hoped her fans would understand.

All this is bound to raise suspicions in the minds of viewers and fans. Tara Reid has previously struggled with alcoholism. She even checked into a rehabilitation center back in 2008. The actress was known to be a social drinker but not involved in drugs. However, Tara Reid recently claimed that she was done partying for her lifetime.

Comments from Tara’s representative are awaited so that fans can know what is actually happening to her.

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