Space Jam Predicted Coronavirus?

Movie Is Currently Trending On Netflix

While everyone is digging deep into the history to find prophecies and predictions regarding the novel Coronavirus, someone found Space Jam as well. Now, unlike Contagion, Space Jam is a movie almost everyone has already seen ages back. Starring Michael Jordan and Bill Murray, the movie was truly an amazing movie of its era. In fact, Space Jam 2 has been in plans for decades. Seems like Coronavirus is going to affect the Space Jam 2 production. The question is, how Space Jam predicted the viral disease.

Space Jam & Coronavirus

The movie has not directly predicted the disease itself. In fact, the resemblance has something to do with the NBA canceling its season. In the movie, the league gets affected with an illness, resulting in an early-season cancellation. However, Aliens are the main culprit behind the illness. Whereas; in real life, the NBA canceled the season due to the viral disease, COVID-19.

NBA officially suspended the season on a no-choice basis. Utah Jazz Player, Rudy Gobert, tested positive for the COVID-19.

The NBA is suspending game play following the conclusion of tonight’s schedule of games until further notice.

The very next day, another news hit the board when one of Gobert’s teammates also tested positive for Coronavirus. However, the rest of the team does not have viral infection. Moreover, they are all following Quarantine requirements.

Trending on Netflix

Since the news hit the media, Space Jam has been trending on Netflix. It can safely be classified as a better and fun-ner option to spend your quarantine days. While Contagion has chances to scare you more than you already are.

The movie was released in 1996. Even after the 24 years gap, the movie still seems relevant. Since the fans cannot get their fix directly from the NBA, they are opting for the 90’s version of the league.

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