Could Ellen DeGeneres Find Love On Love Is Blind?

I guess we all can say, Love was more baffling for Ellen than Blind. The Ellen DeGeneres talk show was more than amusing with the Knockout Netflix show Love Is Blinds pastiche.

Ellen slides herself into the episode in which the contestant Damian Powers, comes up with a marriage proposal in a confessional pod, that too in a very sentimental way.

Damien and Ellen are in different pods, so he can’t actually see the woman on the other side. Sadly, he can only hear her.

Could Ellen DeGeneres Possibly Find Love on “Love Is Blind”?

Let’s take a look at the video first so that we can get ahold of the things.

So Ellen goes like,

Not everyone who appeared on the show found love. I was in one of the early episodes.

I wasn’t looking for love and I didn’t find it .

Dear Ellen DeGeneres, you have already found the love of your life. So what are you even doing on this show? And the last line, ” I wasn’t looking for love and I didn’t find it”, pretty much rhymes with the Lyrics of Katy Perry’s song.

I kissed a girl and I liked it.

That’s kind of irrelevant but funny.

Ellen In The Early Episode Of “Love Is Blind”

That is how their conversation started:

” Hello ?”  Cameron says.

To which Ellen replies: “Hello. Is it me that you’re looking for “?

“How are you feeling” ? Cameron says

Ellen replies: I spent my entire weekend at Costco picking up hand sanitizer and water.

Well, Ellen DeGeneres! You crack really good jokes.

So Cameron talks about how he wants to give her something and if she can see the box (which is on the floor). To which Ellen jokingly replies how she has been stocking up on hand sanitizers and water because of the ongoing CoronaVirus fear. But a Rolex might bring a change in her mood (this girl has got it bad for Daytonas and other Rolex models).

Cameron talks about how he is going to present himself to Ellen, as her gift. And that he is going to get down on one knee and propose her for marriage.

Umm !! something definitely went wrong here. Ellen was supposed to be attending a Netflix meeting. But, she ended up at the set of Netflix’s hit show “Love Is Blind”.

She leaves the pod while saying:

Somebody get me out of this thing. Oh, straight people.

Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t shy away from her sexuality. This is one of the reasons why she made a funny skit of the show. And the answer to the show’s title “ Could Ellen Find Love on Love Is Blind” is obviously No. The show’s actual format is to only promote heterosexual relationships. And we all know that Ellen is happily married to the Love of her life (a woman named Portia De Rossi).

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