Strictly Come Dancing Wont Allow Same Sex Couples to Participate

Popular reality television show- Strictly Come Dancing refuses to allow same sex couples to participate. The longest-running reality show on BBC reveals that despite change requests, it does not plan on altering the format.

In a statement revealed by BBC, the requirement of being a mixed-sex couple to participate in Strictly Come Dancing was announced. Apparently, the show intends to follow the longstanding ballroom dancing format. But this decision has been met with complaints for a long time. A lot many former contestants and judges have asked Strictly Come Dancing to be more progressive. And introduce same sex couples to the floor. However, recently BBC’s statement confirms that there are no possibilities of that happening soon.

The current judge for Strictly Come Dancing Craig Revel Horwood claims that he believes in the idea of same sex couples being workable. And even pointed to the history of ballroom dancing where men regularly danced with one another. In fact, according to him, the combination was powerful and explosive. It could very well be the same for two women. Apparently, Craig considers that with same sex couples, the only challenge would be to decide who would go backwards and that’s probably the only difference too.

However, others commonly believe that allowing same sex couples on Strictly Come Dancing would be politicizing the show. One former contestant of the show even claims that when there are organizations actually making differences to the lives of gay people, there was no point of politicizing Strictly Come Dancing. Although, the contestant did say that it would be great to have same sex couples on the show. And that visibility does matter.

Previously, the show raised the questions of race. And this time, the controversy of not allowing same sex couples.

Is Strictly Come Dancing‘s Decision Justified?

It seems like with the new decision to not allow same sex couples, Strictly Come Dancing is still not ready to progress. The LGBT community has been attempting to overcome these societal and cultural barriers for a long time now. Even Hollywood has vowed to allow representation to them. In fact, Ruby Rose was recently cast as a lesbian batwoman for the new series. With so many actors coming out, and people throwing back their stereotypes, it seemed like the LGBT community was really making some advancements. But Strictly Come Dancing has thrown them all over.

Is it okay to not let same sex couples represent themselves on screens especially in such a diverse society? Just because the show does not believe that it is traditional to do so, does not imply that they should never be given a chance. Not allowing same sex couples on the show is damaging to society overall. It hampers the position of the LGBT community, hurting their pride and still reflecting our lack of acceptance for anything that contradicts the societal norms.

Maybe, Strictly Come Dancing took the decision to eliminate same sex couples because it might receive backlash from a certain part of the audience. And changing its format and policy would be a major risk that would determine the success of downfall of the next season. But by depriving them of representation, Strictly Come Dancing is avoiding a risk with its ratings. As well as taking everybody in the audience a bit backwards. Moreover, the professional and ethical dimensions of this decision look challenged.

It’s time that everyone broadens their vision a bit more. Especially, channels, industries and production houses that have the power to make an impact.

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