Aaron Paul honors his wife Lauren Paul on Women’s Day

Breaking Bad actor, Aaron Paul is most famous for his role as Jesse Pickman on the series. He shares a new photo of his wife, Lauren Parsekian Paul, film director on his Instagram page. The photo comes on International Women’s Day and he captioned the photo with long, inspirational words.

In the caption, Aaron mentions how he met his wife. And that his wife was filming her first documentary ‘Finding Kind’ at the time when they met. He speaks about how she helps to empower women. She finds ways to help those in need. And does so through non-profit organizations too.

The post went viral in a brief time. And fans and actors stopped in the comments section to drop in kind words showing love and support for Aaron and his lovely wife.

The Instagram post on Women’s day

Aaron starts his post talking highly of his wife. Saying it wouldn’t be fair if he didn’t mention his kind wife on International Women’s Day. and he continues to elaborate on how he met her when she was editing her first documentary. He reveals that she went around the country to understand why women are mean to each other. And especially from a very young age. She learns that they’re bullied when in school. So, acting mean becomes a part of their second nature, in order to defend themselves.

He continues to elaborate that this documentary inspired his wife to start a nonprofit organization with a friend. And they call this The Kind Campaign. This aims to end girl-on-girl bullying.

Aaron Paul Calls his wife Inspiring

He continues to say more inspiring words for her:

“Not only is this woman smart, brave, powerful and one damn inspirational survivor of intense bullying. She happens to be the most beautiful person I have ever met inside and out along with being a powerhouse of a mother to our magical daughter Story. This day is for you babe. And to all of the other strong and inspiring ladies out there. Keep inspiring.”

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