Bella Hadid Calls Haider Ackermann her favorite designer

The ever so quirky and beautiful model Bella Hadid did it again! She is known to be bold and experimental with her appearances. And pull them off well too. But this time Hadid played with her most salient feature and viola! Pulled it off with a bang.

On February 29, 2020, the twenty-three-year-old kicked off a new look at the Haider Ackermann Paris Fashion Week Show.

Moreover, she called Haider her favorite designers:

Haider is not only one of my favorite designers but one of my favorite human beings I have ever had the pleasure of working with and being around. You are everything and more. Hard working, kind , loving…Completely adore you , thank you for trusting me with a small part of your very large vision. I love you. 

Bella’s hair and makeup team at PFW

The hairstylist was Duffy as confirmed by Vogue, who fashioned up this unique look. He tailored brunette lengths that were on equal voluminous parts, sculptural bouffant with a sharp, zig-zagged fringe falling down her forehead. This was just one part of her transformation. She walked down the ramp with freshly bleached eyebrows. The look rendered her completely unrecognizable.

During the show, if you blinked, you may have missed her. Because she looked nothing like the Bella Hadid we know.

Hadid captioned a backstage story on Instagram of herself saying:

“No brows for Haider this morning. Lovin’ [it].”

For Haider Ackermann’s show, Bella underwent a complete transformation. First, her eyebrows were completely gone – non-existent. Then, she carried a unique, elaborate wig that went well with the entire look. Giving a very gothic vibe. Like she just came out of Addam’s Family.

However, some things never change. She walked down the ramp with the same confidence, as if she owns it. Then her extremely chiseled face and cheekbones were too hard to miss. She carried a very no makeup appearance and WOW did she nail it!

As noted by Entertainment Tonight, she was back to her normal brown hair with intact brows that same day when she walked in the Vivienne Westwood show. Later, she was spotted donning pinstripe pants and a matching vest.

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