Kardashian Sisters’ Monkey Blunder

Just when the twitter feud between Kim and Kourtney Kardashian started ending, the two are back into a drama again. Although this time both the Kardashian sisters are together in a team. The two women were visiting their 83-year old grandmother’s house when they photographed themselves with pet monkeys. Kim Kardashian uploaded pictures of herself and her children with monkeys on their shoulders. She captioned them saying that they were licking the reality TV star when she was wearing a white bikini. Kourtney Kardashian also shared a few pictures in which the marmosets were kissing her.

PETA Labels Kardashian sisters irresponsible

The Kardashian sisters probably did not expect that this stunt would not pay good. Animal right activists and PETA have labelled them as irresponsible. And also claimed that by owning these pet monkeys, the Kardashians were promoting the violent monkey trade. Apparently, these baby monkeys are taken from their mothers who are later shot. The authorities further added that it was completely unacceptable and inappropriate for celebrities like them to promote this kind of abuse for monkeys. Instead, he claimed that celebrities should spend more time promoting the conservation of endangered species. Rather than posting cute pictures and videos with them for their own Instagram accounts and that this kind of behavior was totally appalling.

PETA’s director has also advised everyone to steer clear of families who drag wild animals around town to promote these stunts. He added that monkeys should be jumping on trees and playing. And that they should be able to raise their offspring in tightly knit close social groups.

The sisters did not respond

Neither Kim nor Kourtney has responded to this controversy of the two sister manipulating baby monkeys. People are furious with the reality TV stars for doing this kind of cruelty to innocent baby monkeys. It’s no surprise though because the Kardashians would do anything to get even more popular. Or have their Instagram talked about. Let’s wait to hear what Kim or Kourtney have to say in order to defend themselves against the accusations that PETA and animal activists are launching against them. Maybe, they dedicate a whole episode of their TV show to this!

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