Jeffree Star’s Truth Revealed by Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson’s entire 5 part series about uncovering the truth about Jeffree Star is finally out and fans can’t be more excited. All 5 videos had about a whopping 53.6 million views up till now. The final part was just released today and it soon got almost 4 million views.

Now, for those avidly following YouTubers and Shane Dawson already, you would know his channel has great new content. It now focuses on a more real aspect of people around him. He did that with Tanacon in order to figure out why the whole thing was such a disaster. Now his focus was the highly famous and often controversial makeup star and YouTuber Jeffree Star.

Star Shows a Side Of Him the Audience Never Knew

Jeffree Star shows everyone a side which we have never got to see. In the initial parts, we get to see the world of Jeffree star as more than just a Youtube Makeup star. We see Jeffree as this successful business mogul who has huge factories of his merch company as well as his makeup line. It’s really remarkable to see how dedicated he is to his work, employees and the customers. He works hard every single day and that is apparent from the routine we get to see in this 5 part video series by Shane Dawson.

The finale really shook everyone to the core, however, when Shane gets Jeffree to finally open about the difficulties of his past life as well as his current one.

His Past Life Full of Controversies

As a successful and rich person now Jeffree talks about how he always loses friends and people judge him without knowing the full picture. The reality is far different from what his ex-friends paint it out to be. Jeffree Star has always been portrayed as the villain just because he speaks out on what’s wrong. But people don’t usually know his close friends have turned against him and betrayed the trust he gave them.

He started out as a musician at MySpace and that was a really dark time in his life because after the initial success and wealth he got from that he spent a lot of time bankrupt and alone. People mocked him for being the way he was: a guy dressing up as a woman and using makeup. They called him hurtful things and he felt alone during that entire time.

Dark and Painful Past of Jeffree Star

What really emotionally moved the audience and Shane himself was when Jeffree Star’s reveals a very dark time in his teenage life. Since he did not know how to process his feelings and emotions after his dad had died, Jeffree Star used to cut himself all over the body,

My body was my cutting board

He elaborated on it saying he didn’t know how to express what he was inside and who he was. Even when he did, he was often mocked and misunderstood by people who used to think of him as something wrong. For someone who’s also lost a parent and has had a hard time processing emotions, it’s so heartbreaking yet relatable to see Jeffree talk about that time in his life. He used to say hurtful things in defense but that was just because he was in immense pain and didn’t know what else to do.

Star Never Gave Up

That’s why Jeffree Star, just showed one side to him which was this queen personality of a huge make-up star. But now we realize that he is just a human who is scared to have his pain be used against him. From nothing, he created a whole empire. But he still had a hard time opening up about his emotions. His life is both heartbreaking and inspirational. Jeffree Star put himself out there and didn’t give up. Hopefully, it inspires more people to never give up on their goals and dreams either.

Watch the final of the 5 part The Secret World Of Jeffree Star here! Jeffree Star posted his own video sharing more personal details of his life.

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