Ricky Gervais Wants Help From Fans on After Life Season 2 Trailer

After the success of first season, Ricky Gervais is working on the next season of After Life. However, in order to develop After Life season 2 trailer, he needs help from his fans.

Although After Life is a comedy show, it focuses on issues like dealing with grief and death of a loved one

It might seem a heavy topic for a comedy show After Life deals with grief and life after a loved one’s death. This Netflix show revolves around Tony who has lost his wife and cannot adjust in life after her. In order to deal with his sadness, he becomes rude and mean. However, people around him try everything to bring him back to life. Although After Life season 2 trailer is not out yet, the release date has been announced. It will come back on Netflix on 24th April.

In order to make After Life season 2 trailer, Ricky Gervais needs the help of his fans

In a Twitter post, he asked for help to bring his fans After Life season trailer. After posting the trailer of the first season, he asked what should be added in the second season trailer. He said:

Did you like this trailer? Now you’ve watched the show do you think it summed up all the important points? What should we have included or left out? Basically, I’m working on the trailer for series 2 and I want some clues.


In response, his request for After Life season 2 trailer, Gervais and his fans had a friendly interaction

According to one fan, the trailer should be Gervais sitting on a sofa, telling everyone to watch season 2. Another person agreed with this idea and wanted the best moments and jokes to be saved for the show itself.


Another suggested that they should have renamed the show, AfterAfter Life. To which Gervais replied that it should have been After Wife.

However, one fan suggested not to put the best bits in the After Life season 2 trailer. They wanted to avoid spoilers.

While the show will be back soon, this interaction between Ricky Gervais and fans has increased our anticipation.

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