Dylan Sprouse Following Miley Cyrus’s Footsteps on Instagram?

Miley Cyrus recently posted an Instagram post that yells out Miley Cyrus. In the post, the singer subtly revealed her chestal area. This is something that Instagram forbids. It seems like Dylan Sprouse is taking inspiration from her as he recently posted NSFW pictures.

What does Instagram forbid exactly

Well, you can show the chestal area but not the ni***es. This is something that feminist Miley Cyrus does not understand. In fact, she is all in favor of the “Free the Ni***e” campaign! (If you are wondering why we are censoring this world, it’s because we don’t want it to get demonetized).

Moving on to Dylan Sprouse and his interesting pictures.

Dylan Sprouse Posts something for the ladies

He posted a series of really artistic pictures that were taken by Hadar Pitchon. Dylan Sprouse captioned it with this:

Ever wonder what my left ni***e looks like? Here are some shots from @behindtheblinds by @hadar_pitchon . Discovering my robe phase


If you go to the original post, you can swipe left to find the picture he’s talking about

Apparently, the photographer is someone who also supports the “Free the Ni***e” campaign. In his own Instagram profile, here is what his bio reads:


This reveals that his Instagram account was once deleted for posting a picture revealing a side of his chest. Well, the photographer came back swinging!

He posted a picture of his whole chestal area with everything showing. Brave.

Moreover, he also got Dylan Sprouse to participate in this revolutionary cause! Okay, it might not be as revolutionary as let’s say the French revolution but it’s something.

We can’t show the picture that defies Instagram guidelines but we can show this:

Dylan Sprouse is famously known for playing Zack in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody with his brother Cole Sprouse. The iconic twin duo really rose to prominence in recent years. Cole got a leading role in Riverdale in Five Feet Apart. Meanwhile, Dylan is going to star in movies Tyger Tyger, After We Collided and Turandot.

Let’s see how long Instagram takes to ban these posts!

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