Lauv Loved Kelly Clarkson’s Cover of ‘I like me better’

During one of the episodes of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the singer and host sang a cover of another famous musician. The song was Lauv’s I like me better and Lauv could not be happier about it.

Although Kelly Clarkson singing his song gave him the recognition, Lauv is an extremely talented artist

While his first album came out in 2015, Lauv had been writing songs for other artists for a long time. Among these singers are some of the most famous artists like Adam Lambert, Demi Lovato, and Backstreet Boys. However, Lauv’s I like me better put him on the map. Also, touring with Ed Sheeran gave him an incredible opportunity. In this regard, Kelly Clarkson singing his single means the world to him.

When Kelly Clarkson sang Lauv’s single, he could not have been happier

After watching her sing on her show, Lauv took to Twitter to express his joy. In a tweet, he said:

i literally can’t believe this happened!!!! kelly u are a legend!!

It might not have been a big deal for Kelly Clarkson but it did give Lauv a reason to celebrate. As Clarkson has a huge fan following, her singing this cover means more people will get familiar with his work. While he has given his words to other singers, it is about time that he gets the recognition he deserves.

It has been a long tradition for music artists to sing each other’s covers

When established singers come out to support new artists, it gives them the needed encouragement. Whether it’s a cover by an up and coming singer or a music legend’s song, artists show their love and appreciation through singing them. From Madonna singing Britney Spears’ Toxic to Ed Sheeran singing Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself, artists express their admiration through their vocals. It shows their unity and love for each other.

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