Ryan Gosling: An underrated sensation

Ryan Gosling is an absolute superstar, but his actual acting talent is quite underrated.

As soon as we hear Ryan Gosling’s name, the first things that spring into our mind are La La Land, The Notebook and some old memes. And honestly, no one can blame him either. His feminist views and gorgeous looks make him a perfect heartthrob. However, that tag takes away attention from the fact that Ryan Gosling is a criminally underrated actor. To examine that, we have to take a closer look at a few of his great films.

Ryan Gosling’s Versatility: Blade Runner vs The Nice Guys

If you want to truly witness the range of Gosling’s acting, then these two movies are your go-to choice. The first one we’ll be discussing here is Blade Runner 2049.

Ryan Gosling’s still from Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049:

Blade Runner 2049 was probably the most challenging work Ryan has done as of yet. It was a highly anticipated sequel to the cult classic Blade Runner, released in 1986. In this film, Ryan Gosling was playing the role of a replicant Blade Runner. A replicant is an artificially manufactured human being, designed to follow orders. Replicants are not at all allowed to express emotions similar to that of regular human beings, even though biologically they are as human as humans can be. However, as a Blade Runner, he has to hunt down rogue replicants and kill his own kind.

Ryan Gosling pulled off his role as a replicant brilliantly and the audience was able to understand his complicated emotions quite well. When seeing him act, the audience felt the conflict and suppression of emotions inside of him. That is a sign of a brilliant actor, yet Ryan Gosling still remains underrated and under-appreciated. had this to say in his review of Blade Runner 2049 and Gosling’s role in it:

In Blade Runner 2049, Gosling is exceptional, more than equaling Harrison Ford’s performance as Rick Deckard in the original film.

The Nice Guys:

To understand the vast skillset of Ryan Gosling, we need to look no further than The Nice Guys. In this movie, Gosling played the role of a struggling detective, trying to juggle between his tasks and taking care of his daughter as a single parent. This was a purely comedic role in nature and Ryan pulled it off brilliantly. Not a single scene from Ryan seemed forced but rather natural and hilarious. These two roles by themselves would have propelled any actor’s career to new heights. Yet, that hasn’t been the case with Ryan Gosling.

Other significant performances by Ryan

These two movies aren’t the only pieces of art where Ryan has showcased his talents. He performed brilliantly in the Big Short as a banker trying to sell shorts over mortgage bonds. Similarly, he performed admirably well in movies like Blue Valentine, Drive, Crazy Stupid Love, and many others. This is a promising start, to say the least, for an acting career that is yet to hit its peak.

Despite such amazing performances, Ryan Gosling is still quite an underrated actor. He still has quite a lot of time before he is able to cement his reputation. We hope that he is able to turn the tide on time and get the recognition he so dearly deserves.

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