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The Weeknd is definitely going to kill us with kindness. And some bloody images of himself that he keeps using for his latest tracks. Turns out, the whole album is a bloody bender. Or it will be when it comes out, as the album cover is a bleeding one. Currently, we only have three tracks out for now. “I Feel It Coming” singer is done being “Heartless”. He’s shedding “Blinding Lights” on us “After Hours”. Oh boy, before you go to sleep, (if you haven’t already), listen to After Hours by The Weeknd.

The Weeknd Presents After Hours

Okay, so when you think of After Hours, what comes to your mind? We know the first thing that’ll hit your imagination is something “adult” because it’s after hours, right? Nah! We are talking about Abel Tesfaye here. He does not need to wait for the clock to hit 12 to do something like that, we are guessing. However, he only waited to drop “after hours” after hours because it does make sense.

After Hours is the title track of The Weeknd’s upcoming album (4th studio album) by the same name. It is the third track that has been dropped almost 6 weeks of the previous 2 releases from the same album. At this speed, we’ll spend the whole 2020 waiting for Abel’s songs to drop one after another, with a gap of a few weeks.

The song itself is very heartbreaking. We are not sure whether it is for Bella Hadid or Selena Gomez, but our guess is that this one is for Bella. That breakup really hurt Abel, we can tell that by the lyrics. The title “after hours” is used brilliantly here, as the lyrics start with a nightmare.

Thought I almost died in my dream again
Fightin’ for my life, I couldn’t breathe again

Abel Tesfaye Breakup

Since the album is dropping after The Weeknd’s breakup with Bella Hadid, it really seems like she serves as the muse here, especially for this track.

I’ll risk it all for you
I won’t choose to leave
This time I’ll never leave
I wanna share with ease

After the breakup, The Weeknd tried to burry his hurt by becoming the man he was before their relationship.

Different girls on the floor, distracting my thoughts of you
I turned into be the man I used to be, to be
Put myself to sleep
Just so I can get closer to you inside my dreams

And, we might be getting all the answers we were looking for after the breakup.

Oh, baby, where are you now when I need you most?
I’d give it all just to hold you close
Sorry that I broke your heart, your heart

Damn, it’s breaking my heart.

Plea To Come Back & Parental Advisory

The lyrics do get a little explicit towards the end. Parental Advisory Explicit Content right there when you weren’t expecting it. So, this song is not for kids.

In short, The Weeknd misses the way when she was next to her. He accepts his mistakes and urger her to come back, as he will not repeat the same mistakes.

I was runnin’ away from base of reality
Wastin’ all of my time on livin’ my fantasies
Spendin’ money to compensate, compensate

Well, the first flow of verses did say he wants to share babies with her, they will not need protection. That means he wants to propose her, marry her, make babies with her and spend his whole life with her. We hope they get back together.

There are also rumors that The Weeknd & Bella Hadid have already reconciled but they are going to keep it all a secret this time. Do we hear wedding bells in the future? Let’s keep a look at Bella’s hands for an engagement ring.

This time I won’t break your heart, your heart, no.

More Songs From After Hours?

So we already have Track 7: Heartless, Track 9: Blinding Lights, Track 13: After Hours. Since he dropped two tracks back-to-back last time, let’s hope the title track After Hours is followed by another release.

Abel, Weeknd and After Hours are trending on Twitter right now. For all the right reasons. Listen to the track now:

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