Tana Mongeau Confirms She’ll Join The Reality House Season 3

And I want Trisha Paytas and Elijah Daniel there again...even if it's just for 5 seconds

It’s happening, it’s really happening. Kian Lawley and JC Caylen have been dying to get her on board with the show. However, she bailed out in the first two seasons. Imari Stuart must have been the driving force behind her decision because we are getting Tana Mongeau in The Reality House season 3. OMG! can we please have Trisha Paytas and Elijah Daniel in season 3 again? They are a good sport and having Tana in the house with them would be interesting AF. The Reality House Season 3 is definitely going to be sizzling!!

Tana Mongeau’s Announcement For The Reality House Season 3

Tana’s confirmation comes as a surprise during the Episode 11 of The Reality House season 2. Kian and JC were hosting a reunion of the contestants from season 2. It was a fun episode. Fousey left the reunion right in the middle when Sarah joined the team. The whole scene was so dramatic because if you remember, (of course you’d), Fousey was in the Reality House season 2 for only 20 minutes. So he said, he is not staying for the reunion because nobody likes seeing him. “F*** this shit”.

Kian and JC initially thought that he was joking. Sarah thought that she triggered something. But apparently it was just Fousey’s view of telling the audience that he is not needed and he will not be coming back in season 3. Kian and JC announced they might really get him on board with season 3.

Till then, no one knew about Tana. (or probably they already knew because there was no way they didn’t know that Tana Mongeau was hiding behind the sofa.).

While winding up the reunion, Kian and JC ask the audience to recommend who do they want to see in Season 3. And we’ve got a KJ twist. Kian says:

Last thing we want to do for Season 2 is announce that for Season 3…Actually let the special guest announce it.

Right then, the special guest Tana Mongeau jumps from where she hiding behind the sofa and pops a party popper.

Since Tana is joining season 3, Imari also wants to be a part of it.


Who do you want to see in The Reality House season 3? I want Elijah Daniel and Jake Paul with Tana Mongeau in the house. And Trisha Paytas of course. Cause Elijah and Trisha are a must in every season. And if Kian and JC get Jason Nash on-board as well then it would be worth following Kian and JC.

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