Valentine’s Day Posts By Celebrities Show Love Was In The Air

On this Valentine’s Day celebrities were feeling the love like everyone else. From showing off flowers to taking sweet pictures on a Friday night, celebrity couples were uploading pictures on social media. We even got to see a rare sight of Gigi Hadid announcing her love for Zayn Malik by calling him her valentine. Justin Timberlake even took out the old “every day is the 14th” to talk about his wife. Yes, we know you Timberlake, but this day has something special in it and you felt it as well. So here are some of the amazing couples we have come across:

Valentine’s Day Post By Timberlake

Timberlake still took time out to post a love picture with his wife in a back hug and placing head on her shoulder.

Alicia Keys Says Its Not About Chocolates and Flowers

For Keys, the day of love is not anything materialistic. To her, Valentine’s Day is a reminder to love every day until a lifetime. “Here’s to a lifetime of love on all levels”, she wrote.

Gigi Hadid and Her Zayn Malik

This is a rare sight indeed, where Gigi Hadid talks about her love for Malik. This post gets our “aww”s 100 percent!

Hugh Jackman spent his Valentine’s Day in the cutest of ways. He tried to solve a customized puzzle of a picture with his spouse.

Kylie Jenner Meant Business On February 14th

Jenner meant business on Valentine’s Day, posting a picture of herself with a rosy Haute lip color.

Joe Jonas and Mrs. Jonas

We recently heard unconfirmed reports about Sophie Turner‘s pregnancy. We eagerly await an announcement from the Jonas family. Interestingly, Joe Jonas posted an old picture of his wife. Is there a baby coming?

Haily Bieber Was With Her Valentines As Well

Even the Biebers spent a fun and lovely day together, in what looks like an arcade. Dawning a red cute top, Hailey’s picture with Justin is the cutest.

Love was in the air and celebrity couples took a full breath in to feel it. Can’t wait to see them next year!

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