Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has Had His Heart Broken Before

We all know and love Joseph Gordon-Levitt for his popular roles in 500 Days Of Summer, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Dark Knight Rises and more. Besides being a talented actor, he is also a singer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. Acting since he was a child, he took a break to study at Columbia University before dropping out to pursue acting again. He was nominated for a Golden Globe for his leading performances in (500) Days of Summer and 50/50.

Most recently, Joseph founded an online collaborative media platform with the name HitRecord. The company produces short books, films, and DVDs using a variety of media.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt On A Little Late With Lilly Singh

Gordon-Levitt appeared on A Little Late With Lilly Singh to talk about his new book, The Art of Breaking Up. It is a collaboration with artists around the world through the online community he created with HitRecord.

Lilly Singh asked him to describe HitRecord and why he started it. He started by saying it’s an online community where people make things together. And it’s different than a lot of online communities about creativity cause people don’t just post things they’ve made on their own. They find each other and make things together.

The community at HitRecord and Joseph came together and created The Art of Breaking Up. The book has two sides, one for the heart breaker and one for the brokenhearted. And it divides right in the middle. So you can easily turn over and keep reading. What a unique idea, honestly. I can’t wait to get my hands on that book!

“There are two sides to every breakup.”

– Joseph Gordon-Levitt

And Joseph revealed this book is entirely made by artists around the world. They’re the ones illustrating it, writing it and even remixing each other.

“They’re collaborating based on their experience of breakups,” said Joseph.

Joseph On His Love Life

Lilly asked Joe which side he’s been on more often.

“Are you the heart breaker? Or have you been broken-ed-ed-ed-ed?”

To which he replied, he’s been broken-ed-ed-ed-ed.

Sigh. We can’t imagine anyone breaking his heart. But oh well, I guess not everyone loves him as we do.

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