James Corden Has Issues With Valentine’s Day

The Late Late Show with James Corden Episode 71 of Season 5 was aired on February 13, 2020. The British comedian gets serious while talking to his very American audience. Particularly, he talked about Valentine’s Day. Let’s get into it.

James Corden on America’s weird ways

A day before Valentine’s Day, he talked about something which has seriously made him uneasy. Clearly, Americans love Valentine’s Day. So much so, that the data collected from a poll says that America’s favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day. To be exact, more than the Christmas holidays. Well, you may think there is nothing wrong with getting excited for this day, right? But the man has got a point. IT IS NOT A HOLIDAY. IT IS JUST A DAY.

Honestly, I am telling you. You Americans have got to stop with these made up fake holidays. Where does this end? What’s next?

He rambles on for quite some time. It’s a pity how much the man is shaken with the American ways. However, he does clarify that he likes Valentine’s day, but just as a day. In fact, an average American spends $200 on a gift, for the love of the day. In his own way which we all love so much, he says it’s a day when we fill the hole inside us with chocolate and candy. In a hysterical outburst, he calls it a “Why aren’t we doing anything you clearly don’t love me day”. Again, he assures the audience that he is talking about other couples, not his own.

For the ones going through a breakup

The man does think everything through. He says if you are going through a breakup a small zoo in texas has you covered. After paying a small donation, they will name a cockroach after your ex and they will feed it to an animal. And in case you’re interested, you can go ahead with the psychotic plan here.

Watch the entire thing here:

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