Constance Wu On Crazy Rich Asians Sequel Rumors

Constance Wu is an American actress who is best known for her blockbuster movies, Crazy Rich Asians and Hustlers. She also started starring in Fresh Off The Boat in 2015, which happened to be her breakthrough role.

Two days ago, Constance Wu appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to talk about her career, Crazy Rich Asians sequel, and J-Lo’s Halftime Show.

Constance Wu On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Wu has had two blockbuster hits this year and Jimmy asked her how it all felt. She replied saying, it felt great and she loved working on both those projects. She also joked about it going all downhill from here. But the talented actress she is, we hardly think so.

When Jimmy asked her about all the Crazy Rich Asians sequel rumors, Constance was clueless as to whether it would happen or not.

“I’m just the actor. I don’t produce so I don’t really know what they’re doing behind the scenes. But if they make one. I’m there. I’ll say that.”

We hope there’s a sequel to the iconic movie. We already know Constance Wu is on board. The producers better be working on it.

Wu on J-Lo’s Halftime Show

Constance also really loved J-Lo and Shakira’s Performance at the Super Bowl. But apparently, Constance’s favorite part of the entire show was when Jennifer Lopez’s daughter Emme came out and sang.

“She’s such a pro. And she’s so talented,” Wu said about J-Lo’s daughter, Emme.

She recalled meeting Emme on the set of Hustlers and thinking she was such a sweet girl. She also appreciated J-Lo’s abilities as a mother, telling Jimmy she raised some good kids.

About Her Career As An Actor

Constance revealed she had been an actor in community theater since she was 10. And although she struggled a lot to get where she is now and had to wait tables to make ends meet, she always knew she wanted to pursue acting as a career.

She also told Jimmy it has always been her dream, ever since she was a teenager, to do Shakespeare in the park.

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