Who will vote for the Oscars?

And just like that, Oscar season is upon us. Like every year, the world awaits to see who will win the Academy Award. However, very few people actually know how the Oscars voting system works. While it may seem complicated, it is actually quite simple.

Why the Academy Awards are called Oscars?

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences awards has a nickname called Oscars. Although the origins of the nickname are unknown, there are multiple theories. According to the actress, Bette Davis, she came up with the name. She claimed to name the award statue after her husband, Harmon Oscar Nelson. While another story states that the statue reminded Academy Librarian, Margaret, Herrick of her Uncle Oscar. No one knows how for sure but the name stayed.

How does the Oscars voting system work?

The Oscars voting is the responsibility of the Academy members. While each member suggests nominations within their discipline, the winners are decided collectively. The actors nominate actors, the writers nominate writers and so on and so forth. In the Oscars voting system, the winners for all categories are chosen through the ballot system. All members can vote for all categories.

Who are the voters?

At the moment. the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has more than 8000 members. They are further divided into 17 branches. Each branch votes for its own category. These branches are actors, cinematographers, costume designers, directors, documentary, editors, makeup artists/hairstylists, music, producers, production design, short films/feature animation, sound, visual effects, and writers. In order to become a member, one must have feature film credits.

Why does everyone criticize the Oscars voting system?

In 2016, everyone criticized the Academy Award for the lack of diversity. At one point, Will Smith boycotted the Oscars and refused to be part of it. It was believed to be too white and male. Not only that, it discriminated against women and other genders. However, the Academy decided to be more inclusive and diverse by 2020. Academy President, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, said:

“The Academy is going to lead and not wait for the industry to catch up. These new measures regarding governance and voting will have an immediate impact and begin the process of significantly changing our membership composition.”

The 92nd Academy Awards were more diverse since Parasite win all the major categories and broke history! But there was a significant lack of female representation in the Director categories.

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