Jake Paul Caught Making Out With Julia Rose?

While Jana fans were gearing up for the ultimate reunion/rekindling of Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau, Jake dropped the bomb. Turns out, he gave the heads-up already after releasing his music video for These Days. Remember the lady “portraying” Alissa Violet in that video? Well, it was none other than Julia Rose, Jake Paul’s new love interest, herself. After separating from Tana Mongeau (we’re still calling it a split..right?), Jake Paul focused on preparing for his boxing match against AnEsonGib. Which he won, by the way. No surprises there. Then he went on celebrating his victory with his friends, including Tana Mongeau. However, last night, Tana was nowhere near him when he was caught making out with Julia Rose.

If Jake + Tana = Jana, Then, Jake + Julia = Julia…WTF…That’s No Fun

Ignore the heading…Let’s get back to what really happened between Jake Paul & Julia Rose. Sources say that Julia supported Jake for a week ahead of the game. She was even at the afterparty where Tana Mongeau and Julia Rose faked a fight. And the fight ended with a kiss. Tana even posted it on her Instagram saying: Sorry Jake.

She even asked her audience: The Fans, a question about whether she should take him [Jake] back or not. Obviously she knows about Jake Paul hooking up with Julia Rose. The thing is, is it all for clout or is he really going to be a Rose Boy?

Jake Paul & Julia Rose – A visual story

So…this happened after the game.

And Jake Paul said…

And then this happened. Cannot find the original post if it really happened.


And just a day ago..this happened as well.


And Jake confirmed the rumors by saying- *cough* : So What?

Buttttt…yes there is a but.

Apparently, Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul aren’t getting back together again. They are done for real because Tana has received her alimony cheque. So, it is not really “cheating on Tana Mongeau” cause she ain’t Tana Paul anymore.


Here’s the confirmation of Tana’s alimony cheque. Along with Tana doing some seriously crazy stuff.

Start the countdown for Julia Paul. That might be happening this Summer. Since Julia stays 99.9% naked most of the time, you might be seeing more of Jake’s flesh as well. If they’re really dating, that is. Otherwise, it might be just them being nostalgic for the video they shot together.

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