Ian Somerhalder Heartfelt letter to the Late Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant passed away a few days ago along with daughter Gianna Bryant. It was heartbreaking news for people all over. Kobe was quite the athlete and celebrity. His connections and meetings with people all over are astounding. Actors, Musicians, Athletes, Writers, and people from all walks of life have been leaving messages for the late basketball player. One of these people is our very own VWars star, Ian Somerhalder.

He posted the most heartfelt and beautiful message for Kobe Bryant.

Ian Somerhalder posts an adorable message featuring his daughter for Kobe Bryant

In his post, Ian mentioned how Kobe first talked about death in an interview:

I heard about an interview that you did that prompted me write this. When asked how you explain the complexity of death to your kids you simply said that you told them or to the effect of “That when a person dies they become made of stars.” Monday morning after your horrible crash, my little 2.5 yr old giggling daughter picked THIS shirt out of all of her shirts to wear. This tiny little girl in this tiny little shirt just rocked me and tears just streamed from my eyes.

Oh my, we have tears in our eyes seeing how adorable this part is.

It’s incidents like these that sometimes shake us to our cores. It’s hard to hear of the death. Be it anyone. And it’s even harder to speak of grief and pain. This is how Ian ended his heartwarming message.

This terrible event has not slapped us all in the face, but rather punched us so very hard in the gut. A major reality that we forget in our busy and noisy lives:That life is EXTREMELY fragile and can be taken away at any moment.

A positive message from Ian

Moreover, he used the event to remind everyone of how it is important to spread the love around us:

It is our duty to love those around us and leave this planet better than when we came into it. We aim to send nothing but the most powerful and positive energy to your family. Rest In Peace Kobe with your little one and friends. With immense gratitude and appreciation,
Ian Somerhalder

Wow. That’s, so much man. We hope Kobe is Resting in Peace.

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