Tana Mongeau TikTok Ban Over Thanks To Jordan Worona?

So you heard the news that YouTuber and social media star Tana Mongeau was facing some issues on the fun app TikTok recently. She had been posting inappropriate content, specifically nudity, which resulted in her ban from the app. Her account was suspended and she was upset about it. And nothing was working out in getting her account back. Well looks like Jordan Worona came to her help. And we’re telling you it’s BFF goals.

Tana Mongeau TikTok ban

Lately, the app TikTok has been banning content that is not exactly appropriate or user-friendly for all ages. TikTok is a super fun app and Tana Mongeau loves it too. It is an entertainment app where users post fun videos dancing, lip-syncing or following new trends. Tana’s profile handle on TikTok is @tanamongeaulol. However, the social-media starlet wasn’t able to enjoy this social media app recently.

Tana Mongeau got banned for posting nudity. She reached out to the official TikTok account asking them to please unsuspend her account. Well, it looks like her efforts went in vain because Tana wasn’t able to get it back.

Jordan Worona to the rescue

If there is one person who is best friend/manager goals for Tana, it’s Jordan Worona. And now we know why he is the one person she can trust with anything or any issue she faces.

Jordan Worona has been successful in getting Tana Mongeau TikTok ban taken back. Tana posted about it on her Twitter page, and we found it oh-so-cute!

She shared that her TikTok account got banned and Jordan has been trying to get the ban removed. And he even posted a picture of himself testing it out.

Tana tweeted:

This post is so cute! And we think it’s so wholesome too. Jordan Worona deserves lots of appreciation and we love him.

We’re so happy that she has her account back! I mean, TikTok users were surely missing Tana Mongeau there. So we’re all grateful to Jordan Worona for being a true friend and savior.

We all need a friend like Jordan in our lives.

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