Alison Brie’s Horse Girl Trailer Features Insane Story line

With the Sundance Film Festival coming soon, Hollywood is looking for worthy movies that can eventually lead to the next Academy Awards. There are several new releases coming, so perhaps you should not miss this. The festival is one of the most popular and important for all aspiring high-achievers of the movie industry, something that leads to Oscars.  With this in mind, Alison Brie is coming up with her new movie, titled Horse Girl and its trailer is out. However, it does not offer enough explanation as to exactly what happened.

Alison Brie’s New Trailer for a movie Horse Girl

Take a look at this trailer for movie Horse Girl, featuring Alison Brie:

The Horse Girl trailer shows Sarah, a shy girl who is also a store clerk who wants to celebrate her birthday. Though Sarah loves horses, Zumba, and her job, she has yet to find a partner for herself. That is when she meets her love interest (John Reynolds) and things become weird and unusual due to strange dreams and sleepwalkings. Brie’s character eventually connects the dots of what is happening to her to what happened to her grandmother. She believes that the event has something to do with alien abduction. Unfortunately, that is not the end as Sarah finds it hard to keep things real.

Netflix really worked on this movie to make it attract a lot of attention. “I can hear the future”, Sarah discovers as she tries to speak to someone on the phone. It is difficult to predict exactly what is going on in Jeff Baena’s movie, who has not only written it but also directed and produced it. Yup, a one-man show!

For Alison Brie, she has done a number of shows that include GLOW, BoJack Horseman, Mad Men, and Black Mirror. The movie is all set for release on Netflix on February 7, 2020, at the Sundance Festival.

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