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Not a good time to be transphobic Gluck

Griffin Gluck has quickly risen to fame after movies such as Tall Girl. People are suspecting that he and co-star from the movie Sabrina Carpenter are dating. Their social media posts frequently feature them doing adorable things together. As I was on a stalking spree to uncover their relationship status, I came upon something troubling. There were some people online that were accusing Griffin Gluck of being transphobic. This was certainly alarming for many reasons. So, I investigated to find out the truth.

Accusations of Transphobia | sources

Something like this does not get missed by the media’s attention easily. I thought that if this was the truth, major news outlets would cover it.

Currently, I can find none. However, I can find what people are saying about him on social media.

Apparently, last year “#griffingluckisoverparty” was trending. I looked at the hashtag and everyone was calling Griffin Gluck racist and transphobic:

This is troubling indeed!

So then I got something even more disturbing:


As you can see, there is an offensive meme on transgenders on an Instagram account. One of the likes appears to be from Griffin Gluck.

There are offensive memes too, one of them is racist:


I found these on Twitter from one user’s status.

So, are these screenshots real or fabricated?

Evidence screenshots are fake

The Instagram profile shown in the screenshots is that of ‘Riyala Films’. When I checked that profile, it did not have any of the images shown in the screenshots.

Here’s her profile:


All 270 posts appear to video edits of notable celebrities in their TV shows. One of the celebrities is Sabrina Carpenter (someone who is rumored to be dating Griffin Gluck).

I checked all the posts and none of them had the offensive memes shown in the screenshots.

Moreover, it would not make sense for someone like Riyala films to be posting offensive memes because she herself is a member of the LGBTQ community and added her preferred pronouns in her bio. People who acknowledge their diverse community like this usually don’t post disturbing and offensive jokes.

Griffin Gluck Spokesperson for GLAAD

People who are in tune with the LGBTQ community, rights and organizations would know about GLAAD. It is a media monitoring organization that is made by LGBT people.

Gluck had this message to share:

It’s an antibullying message that encourages support to the LGBTQ community. As a spokesperson for this organization, it really does not make sense for him to say anything that is transphobic.

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