Who Are NikkieTutorials Blackmailers?

And why the fools thought they would get away with this blackmail BS?

NikkieTutorials is no stranger to drama as she has faced the two-faced Too Faced before. The company sold 150,000 units of Nikkie de Jager’s collaboration and earned approximately $8 million. However, she was only given a flat fee of $50k. The beauty guru Jeffree Star started a public feud with Too Faced, calling them out on underpaying Nikkie. He also highlighted the issue in his Shane Dawson’s latest docuseries, highlighting how some makeup brands do not pay the YouTubers enough for their creations.

Resultantly, Nikkie confirmed that allegations and said she was too naive at that time so she accepted whatever was offered by Too Faced. However, Nikkie is not out of the shitstorm yet. She is still facing off with some people who cannot see her happy in her life. More like, they are simply jealous of her talent, progressing career as a beauty guru and YouTuber. That is why they decided to blackmail her. Following which, NikkieTutorials came out as a transgender before her blackmailers could release her true identity to the press. However, the internet wants the names of NikkieTutorials Blackmailers.

NikkieTutorials Blackmailers | Fan Theories?

The internet is united, finally, after a long time. All of them want the names of the people who tried blackmailing NikkieTutorials. Whether you are a Nikkie fan or not, you only need a heart to understand what she is going through.

The blackmailers probably wanted to encash Nikkie’s true identity by selling the secret to the press. They also tried threatening her but Nikkie de Jager has simply flipped them off. She has taken the power back and she is not letting those blackmailers rule over her. While she has not disclosed the names of the blackmailers, her fans and admirers are trying to investigate and find out who those a******s were. (pardon my french).

Some think that the Too Faced cosmetics is behind this crap. Why? Well, sister of Too Faced Co-founder Jarrod Blandino updated her Instagram bio as under:

Fishy? Yeah, kind of. She even deactivated her Instagram account. Follow her Instagram account link and it says:

There were also some baby Sherlocks who thought Jeffree Star was the blackmailer. Like seriously?

As you can see, some Trisha Paytas haters also decided to shade her coming-out-story amidst Blackmailers’ Search.

The Real Blackmailers?

While we still do not know who the NikkieTutorials’ Blackmailers are, this fan has shared something truly shocking. We are sharing the screenshots of a Twitter account: Jasmin Chipotle (@sisterfamous):

However, the original forum thread is deleted from that website now.

While people are still trying to figure out what’s happening, who the owner of the thread was or someone probably tried to pin the blackmail on someone else, here is the truth. In her own time, Nikkie de Jager, our pretty NikkieTutorials, will reveal the blackmailers herself when she’ll feel comfortable.

Meanwhile, we believe everyone is looking for tea. As said by the following tweety person.

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