Tana Mongeau Banned On TikTok For Being N*ked?

These days Tana Mongeau is all over the news. She won the Streamy award for Content Creator of the Year, broke up with ‘husband’ Jake Paul, and was rumored to now date vlogger David Dobrik. We have some more juicy gossip. Tana got banned from TikTok, and what it looks like is that she posted inappropriate content. Basically, nudity.


If there’s one app that just grows to be more and more popular every day, it’s TikTok. Users create short-form mobile videos and post them on their feed. These are mostly fun, musical, or dance videos. Popular trends include lip-syncing or trying the newest comedy or dance challenge on the app.

And most celebrities are also on TikTok to connect with fans or simply have some fun. Tana Mongeau also loves the app and her official account is @tanamongeaulol.

But unfortunately, you won’t be able to find Tana on TikTok right now. Because news has it that she got suspended from the app.

Tana Mongeau reaches out after ban

Tana Mongeau revealed this herself. In fact, she publicly reached out to the TikTok official Twitter account to raise the issue and get her account back.

She mentioned TikTok asking them to help her out. In a lighthearted way, she shared that the app won’t let her post anymore.

Then Tana went on to say, “pls help I’ll put ALL of my clothes on!”

It looks like the app banned the 23-year-old social-media starlet for posting nudity. These social media platforms have strict rules and regulations to keep them user-appropriate for all audiences. However, the real reason behind her ban is not disclosed yet. Many fans have also commented on her Tweet, confirming they were also banned by TikTok without any known reason.

Tana Mongeau may have made someone mad on TikTok. But we do hope her account gets unsuspended soon so we can watch her fun TikToks again.

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