Ian Somerhalder Answers V Wars Questions by Howard Stern

V Wars has developed quite the fan base. Not only is the show being watched by the regular audience but, celebrities like Howard Stern are also watching it! And, he loves it. He is best known for his Radio Show “The Stern Show”. Although, the renowned Radio Jockey had an interesting question to ask from the show. Our Vampire turned Vampire hunter, Ian Somerhalder (Luther Swann on V Wars) was happy to answer his inquiry.

The question about V Wars posed by Howard (spoiler alert)

The character of Ian Somerhalder, Luther Swann is a genius. He has a possible cure to the Vampire Virus. He is capable of solving a huge human crisis on the show. However, when his friend is infected, he just goes on to get him and fix him. Without any backup! And he doesn’t even know how to fire a gun! We feel Howard when he says;

I was ripping the f**king hair out of my head.

Seriously though Ian, Why?

Well, Ian came up with a few reasons. The first one had us awh-ing because it was so adorable. It gave us major Vampire Diaries nostalgia:

Who better to go catch a vampire than a vampire?

Well, at least a former vampire..

We love a good Damon Salvatore reference. Who can forget that cutie?

His second reason was that the government doesn’t make the best decisions always. Haha, Ian. That kinda sounds like an excuse. But it does make sense if you think about the V Wars world as well as the real world.

For the third, it sounds a little more believable. He goes on to talk about how there are people who need to make it better. Ian says that the writers need to rewrite the script and get Luther Swann out in the field with the gun. Let’s hope we see that in V Wars season 2.

Ian Somerhalder Grateful for Howard Stern

Somerhalder goes on to thank Stern for his time towards the V Wars. Ian has been working hard to get the show to the top of everything. It’s already ranked number 1 in Germany and Ian’s fans have made it’s ranking in Rotten Tomatoes go up. Ian is dedicated to his cause of making this show the most popular on the plant. And we appreciate it!

Howard Stern finished his query by adding;

And then I’m watching it. I’m streaming it one after another.


Same here Stern, same here!

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