Is Lindsay Lohan Flirting With Liam Hemsworth? Actress Says No

Lindsay Lohan clears any speculation that the actress was flirting with Miley Cyrus’ ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth. Lohan was commenting on the star’s Instagram photos of Time’s Square New Year’s Eve. Many thought that this is going to be the start of something new for both. Unfortunately, it is only Cyrus who has seemingly completely moved on with the help of Cody Simpson.

Lindsay Lohan Commenting On Liam’s Instagram Photos

Lohan sent a lot of fans guessing for something when she started to comment on Liam Hemsworth’s pictures. At first, she posted a “praying” emoji on pictures of his urban surfing.

People thought that Lohan is probably trying to catch Liam Hemsworth’s attention. The star gained a lot of attention when his marriage with Miley Cyrus broke down. While the Texas singer eventually moved on to Cody Simpson, Hemsworth still has pictures of her on his Instagram. (No wonder what that means!)

Lindsay Lohan, however, is gaining the limelight for her comments. US Weekly, reports that she is denying anything stirring between the two. She said:

“I think that comes from me being in Australia. [Hemsworth] surfs a lot and I work with the WOW Foundation, for Waves of Wellness in Australia. So that’s a very important thing for us. And so I’m working with them a lot and bringing people with energy together and he surfs and then people took that the wrong way. We always have gossip in our life, you know that.”

Lohan is currently in Muscat, Oman, and wishes to continue with her career for the year 2020.  She is managing her sister, Ali Lohan, and wishes to focus on herself more now, focus more on her potentials and begin filming in America again. Without any details, she also hinted that she is going to do something this year soon.

Interestingly, she also had something to say to Cody, who once dated her sister.

“When you realize you failed and you settle for less @codysimpson.”

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