Aaron Carter Is Dating Again & Fans Are Worried

The new girlfriend Melanie Martin is clapping back at the fans

Aaron Carter is a famous singer for many reasons. He started his singing career as a child and he is still producing really good music. Take Pyro for example. However, the other reasons behind his fame are not loved by many. Aaron Carter is Nick Carter’s younger brother and everyone knows Nick Carter is a Backstreet Boy. Both the brothers are taking siblings’ rivalry to another level. Meanwhile, Aaron Carter & Trisha Paytas shared some intimate images and Instagram stories. But that was more like a weekend fling. Next, came Jenna Shea. An Instagram model & Escort, Jenna Shea was praising Aaron Carter for straight 48 hours until they broke up & she spilled all the tea. After two months, Aaron Carter is dating again, another Instagram model Melanie Martin and his fans are worried about them.

Aaron Carter goes public with new girlfriend

Aaron Carter is not someone who hides his intentions in any case. He is also famous for avoiding sugarcoating. In fact, Aaron does not really give a F*** when it comes to expressing his feelings and dealing with his haters. Not really worried about his public image, he directly addresses all the haters himself.

After his breakup with Jenna Shea, Aaron Carter has gone public with his new girlfriend Melanie Martin. Melanie is a bartender and an Instagram Model. She is a blonde beauty in her mid-30s with a Bulgarian background. However, Aaron Carter’s fans, as well as the Backstreet Boys’ fans, are not impressed by Aaron’s new girlfriend Melanie. Some fans are even worried.

Aaron Carter defends his new love

When Aaron Carter goes public, his inner lion roars to protect what’s his. (no pun intended). He has changed his Instagram name to “TAMED 🦁 _Melanie”. A tamed lion by Melanie, a tamed lion of Melanie, I’m confused. Anyways, Aaron Carter is not taking any shit thrown at him for his new relationship and you can see the proofs below. Let’s start with his Instagram caption proving Aaron Carter is dating Melanie Martin:

Well, he is not complaining but his fans and followers are.

We can see how his fans are not really glad with Aaron Carter’s yet another relationship.

Aaron is not happy. In fact, he really lost it after almost everyone just kept throwing bombs at him.

Calling Melanie Martin a prostitute is not good. Whether you like her or not, whether you have something against Aaron Carter, you should not be degrading anyone like that. At least this fan appreciates her.

Some are still referring to her as an escort like Jenna Shea.

Why does everyone think is is a paid transaction?

Aaron Carter considers Melanie Martin ‘priceless’. We hope it stays that way.

Melanie Martin claps back at haters

Aaron Carter’s new girlfriend Melanie Martin is clapping back at her haters. While she has proved her Bulgarian booty is all-natural, she is also responding to some fans on Instagram.

She is happy how Aaron Carter is protecting her as a “lion” does. And she is not taking any BS. If you taunt her, she’ll clap back.

Like Jenna Shea did during the relationship period, Melanie Martin also claims that no one really knows Aaron Carter.

But fans are still confused.

Breakup prediction already?

Aaron Carter was responding to all of his fans just like he normally does: non-stop. That’s why he might not have done it on purpose. But we have the proof that Aaron Carter has predicted/announced the 99% chances of breakup already. Moreover, he kinda says Melanie Martin will be hurt by the end of the relationship but Aaron will not really be affected by it. Wait…what??

I’m confused again. Well, we do hope Aaron Carter settles with his new girl Melanie Martin as he cannot leave for Canada due to his restraining orders filed by the siblings. Meanwhile, if you live in Orange County, you can visit Melanie Martin at the dive bar “Orange County Pump Room”.

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