Sam Smith Embraces Body Positivity

You Go Sam!

With the New Year, we see many celebrities reflecting on their personal developments. The renowned ‘Stay with me’ singer, Sam Smith joins the gang! We know that Sam Smith doesn’t have a lean body that you see on Calvin Klein models. However, societal perception of what is a “good body” holds back many from being truly open about themselves. Much to our relief, over the past years, this trend has gone down a bit. Celebrities like Demi Lovato, Meghan Trainor, and Jameela Jamil. However, perception is not only limited to women. Male celebrities like James Corden and Sam Smith being proud in their own skin is also a significant development.

Sam Smith’s 2019 was spent accepting his body

In February of 2019, Sam posted his first-ever photo that wasn’t filtered. Neither had he starved himself so weeks up to the shoot. A shirtless Sam on the beach – unapologetic. It seemed that Sam was finally accepting his body and letting it show how it truly is. He mentioned in his caption:

Yesterday I decided to fight the fuck back. Reclaim my body and stop trying to change this chest and these hips and these curves that my mum and dad made and love so unconditionally.

Isn’t that beautiful? Also, about time Sam! This was the first of his many posts spread over the year that show his body in all its unfiltered glory. In the post, he gave a special shout out to Photographer; Ryan Pfluger and quoted “he had never felt safer” concerning his body.

The Star is known all over for his hit singles like ‘Lay Me Down’, ‘Dancing With A Stranger’ and ‘Promises’. The singer embracing his body image is a positive gesture towards the youth of our society today. He has about 14.3 million followers and his last album, ‘The Thrill of it All’, topped the charts with over 20 million sales.

Many celebrities cheered him on and so did fans. A little positivity can never go wrong!

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