Ian Somerhalder proud of the Rock for Creating Tequila

There is nothing we admire more than a good brother Bond and celebrity supporting celebrities. It just shows how there are those in the world who believe in spreading love. Too much hate going around. Ian Somerhalder understands that better than many. This shows in his support for Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as the latter introduces his own brand of Tequila to the world. As the Rock posted on his Instagram, he reveals that his new product, Taramana Tequila, comes out March 2020


Ian Somerhalder’s word on The Rock’s Tequila release

The Vampire Diaries star was quick to show his support for Dwayne Johnson on his new product launch:

You are an inspiration man. Beyond. I have a bourbon coming out soon and I know the amount of work this takes to get to this part. Congrats on it all-you do it all with and inclusive smile and heart wide open like no other.

You can only understand the effort one puts in when you have worked through the same thing. Ian Somerhalder is launching his own Bourbon in collaboration with his on-screen brother, Paul Wesley. Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder worked together for over 8 years in the CW series The Vampire Diaries. The on-screen brothers continue to be close friends off-camera. Their drink launched earlier December and is available for purchase in China and a few other parts of the world.

Fans on supporting The Rock

Ian has said kind words about the launch. However, he is not the only one showing support to Dwayne Johnson.

Here are words from some fans!

Take my money! Lol… where can we find this? – @nydia_rojas_music

Yea same!

Happy New Year!! Can’t wait to try your tequila!! – @pusspuss22

Dwayne’s fans are surely very supportive. This one comment we found was especially hilarious!

best tequila I’ve ever had thank you rock for the bottle 😉💯 – @kinggreekboos

I mean, the bottle is yet to launch in March. A little too early kinggreekboss!

Hopefully, all goes well with the launch.

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