Liam Hemsworth Is Happy With Gabriella Brooks After Miley Cyrus

It looks like we really have to close the relationship and gossip saga of Cyrus-Hemsworth. This is because of sources that are reporting how happy Liam Hemsworth is by being with Gabriella Brooks. Now that his ex-wife, Miley Cyrus, is also busy Cody Simpson, perhaps it is time to move on to their next chapter of life.

Liam Hemsworth Is Comfortable With Brooks

UsWeekly tells the tale about this fairly new couple, Liam and Gabriella. A source told them that Liam Hemsworth is happy to move on from Cyrus after their divorce. The Australian model, Gabriella Brooks, was spotted having lunch with Hemsworth and his parents in Byron Bay, Australia. The photos posted on the internet reveal Liam’s parents lovingly greeting their son’s newfound love. Perhaps this is a starting of something special?

This comes a few months after Liam Hemsworth was spotted kissing Maddison Brown from Dynasty. While holding hands on a night out in NYC, their PDA can be seen in photographs. Sources said that it was not a serious relationship, which is why nothing serious developed later. This must be one of the few rebound-loves that Liam found. PDA with Brown comes after the end of his eight-month-old marriage with Miley Cyrus. Liam and Gabriella are still going strong!

Miley Cyrus Is happy With Cody

On the other hand, it seems the former Disney star is also comfortable with how her life turned out. Following her divorce with Hemsworth, Miley eventually started her romance with Cody Simpson, an Australian musician, singer, and actor. The two were part of a little controversy regarding Liam Hemsworth where Miley quite possibly called her ex-husband a d**k. However, that was over soon as Miley’s mood shifted to focus more on life with Simpson and her career. Unfortunately, she underwent tonsillitis surgery. These two lovebirds, apart from posting snaps on social media, also attended a Thanksgiving dinner together with family.

With both Miley and Liam now moving on to something that looks serious, perhaps it is about time we also move on to the next chapter, whatever that may be.

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