Jameela Jamil Presents Billboard Award to Taylor Swift

One of our favorite Golden Globes Nominated pop-star, Taylor Swift, recently received Billboard’s Woman of the Decade award. I mean, wow. And to have it presented by Jameela Jamil? Iconic! Oh, just by the way, we recently discovered, the two are “best friends”.

Jameela Jamil is the actress from ‘The Good Place’. She plays Tahani Al-Jamil. Well Jameela, you really are in The Good Place now. She uses her influence and celebrity status to speak out on different issues such as weight loss stigmas etc.

Taylor Swift is an icon to women of all ages and doesn’t she know it? It is so refreshing to see our industry girls supporting one another because there is already too much hate around here.

So, far Taylor has had a great year! Taylor released her album ‘Lover’ and her movie ‘The Cats Movie’ is coming out in a few days now.  Swift received numerous end-of-year recognition in the past month. In addition to her Billboard’s Woman of the Decade, she was named one of People magazine’s People of the Year. Apart from being ‘Artist of the Decade’ at the American Music Awards 2019, she is also one of TIME magazine’s top 100. 

Taylor Swift is a great supporter to Jameela!

According to Buzzfeed, Taylor Swift said this about Jameela Jamil;

Whenever I feel stress-y about things, I’ll just read some of Jameela Jamil’s quotes about body image and health and normal body weight.

She also added;

I really love that there are advocates out there in the world being very vocal about the fact that aging is not a slow march to irrelevancy, death, and decay.

With all the mixed-feelings revolving Jameela Jamil and her voice for body-acceptance, we feel that Taylor Swift is a great help to the actress. Swift has influenced a lot of people. Her voice in the cause is of major help to spread awareness. So we get why just how much Jameela Jamil admires Taylor Swift.


During her acceptance speech, Taylor Swift was very confident of her current directions and concluded her speech with,

(I want to focus) less on doing what they say I can’t do and more on doing whatever the hell I want.

You Go Girl! We all got your back!

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