Shawn Mendes Falls On Stage

Once again, one of our favorite singers has fallen off the stage during a concert. It’s happened so many times before to so many different musicians. Everybody from Beyonce to Justin Bieber have had their fair share of embarrassment here. But this time it was Shawn Mendes. Now that everyone knows that Mendes is okay, people are making fun of the whole situation.

During a music festival in Quebec, Shawn Mendes was performing his song ‘Mercy’ and tried to leap from one side of the stage to another. When doing this, he made a tumble and fans started screaming like anything. But the singer quickly came back to his feet and pretended like nothing ever happened. That makes him a total pro at it!

Once the concert was over, Shawn Mendes tweeted about it. And of course, he did not forget to mention his little mishap. When Shawn is laughing at it, why can’t we?  Along with the video clip of his tumble, he tweeted that,

LOL yep. Im ok but also that was insane hahahahaha

Naturally, the internet and fans have taken over this slight accident. In no time, the legend and his tumble have converted into the most hilarious memes of the month. One person has turned it into a Star Wars homage, comparing it to when Luke Skywalker and his friends fall into the garbage compactor. Someone even compared Shawn’s little fall with Ariana Grande’s ‘No Tears Left To Cry’ video. Internet really can get cruel.

Some of the funniest memes rolling over the Internet are something like these.

Looks like Shawn Mendes is having a tough time controlling his body balance. Only a day before this one, he almost fell at another music festival in Ottawa. While performing his song ‘In My Blood’, Shawn went a bit too deep into his feelings. He almost fell while playing his guitar, and stopped for only a quick second before pretending that nothing happened this time either

By the looks of it, Shawn Mendes should go a bit easy on himself in his next concert. But well, if he can’t then let’s have another good laugh!

Shawn Mendes
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