Schitt’s Creek Star Catherine O’ Hara Joins Baby Yoda Bandwagon

In case you haven’t been paying attention to what is trending on the Internet lately, Baby Yoda has taken over it. Now that we know that The Child is a boy (because it was recently referred to as “him”), that is one mystery off the list. Meanwhile, the internet just keeps making more and more of the memes, which is catching up with celebrities as well. Recently, Schitt’s Creek jumped on the bandwagon with Catherine O’ Hara who plays Moira Rose.

Schitt’s Creek Joins Baby Yoda Meme Game

Schitt’s Creek ‘s Instagram account posted the following meme:

Captioned “bébé Yoda”, we are not sure how exactly Catherine O’Hara looks like the child, but we shall accept it anyways! The title by Schitt’s Creek is written in a way how Moira Rose would have said in the TV show. However, she is holding her cup similar to how the baby is holding in the picture. We can give her that much.

Moira Rose as the Baby Yoda is just another entry to the bandwagon of this trending internet meme game. Here is another one:

As if “the pebble” meme wasn’t enough for The Rock, we now have him pick up the little twerp. “Can’t wait to bring this little nugget home to meet his brother”, he wrote. Hilariously, he also added #IAmYourFather in the caption as well.

People first started talking about Baby Yoda after watching the first episode of The Mandalorian. Aired on Disney+, the Star Wars spinoff show focusses on a Bounty Hunter from a clan called the Mandalorians. He encounters the baby in one of his hunts for bounty. As ruthless and cold as “Mando” seemed, he ended up taking care of the child who is merely the size of his arm. Now we have several memes and crossover videos of him all on the web.

While we are out here discussing Schitt’s Creek and Canadians’ meme games, let’s look at one more while we go. Apart from Catherine O’ Hara, Celine Dion is also trending the trend:

Twitter and social media are going to make everything green as the decade ends, and Schitt’s Creek is a good example!

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