Laura Dern Claims She Sighted Baby Yoda At A Basketball Game!

When Baby Yoda first appeared in the Star Wars spin-off show “The Mandalorian”, we were in tears. Looking at the cute little muppet made us think about how we used to be, lovingly stupid and full of innocence. Then, the internet took over and showered us with memes and crossovers. Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to end this decade while being high on a squeaky cheeked, 50-year-old green alien child’s memes. This is us, but what is Laura Dern talking about? Seeing Baby Yoda at a sports game?

Laura Dern Claims She Baby Yoda Was At An NBA Game

According to Laura Dern, the cutesie not-really-Yoda Baby Yoda was present in an NBA basketball game.

This happened when Variety interviewed Laura at IFP Gotham Awards in New York City. The reporter asked her if she has seen Baby Yoda. In most of our cases, we would have melted right then. Because The Child is just that kind of a deal. We would have blurted out memes after memes that we have seen on the Internet and talked about how adorable that alien looks. Not Laura Dern, however.

The Big Little Lies and Star Wars star confidently told the interview that she did. She added, “I think he was at a basketball game.”… umm, what?

We can’t explain much about that conversation from that point onwards. But we kind of can circle around the concept… we think!

Although we can safely say that she misheard the reporter, but is that honestly what we are going to talk about? NO! We believe that Laura was on to something here, instead. Perhaps this is a new trend that she is starting. Imagine your boss is mad at you and is asking you questions, so how would you answer? “I think I saw him at a basketball game!” As confused as we are, your boss will surely take a long pause and think about how the whole conversation led to this answer.

Or we can continue to think Dern made a fun reply to a very predictable question these days. Your choice!

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