Baby Yoda Joins Captain America In This Hilarious Endgame Crossover

If you have been active on the internet in these past few weeks, you would know what is trending. Baby Yoda is all over the Internet with its cute little body and expressions. Now, it is no secret who the baby is (Hint: not Yoda!) and what is it doing with Mando. Star Wars fans are out there imagining all the cute and weird stuff that they can about the little creature. From feasting on Jabba the Hutt to having an entire video of just the baby alien. Now, we have a hilarious crossover of it with Avengers: Endgame as well!

Baby Yoda Joins The Force With Captain America

Perhaps even Disney did not expect baby Yoda to explode on the Internet. I mean if you just search for The Child’s merchandise, you will be surprised to find out how underwhelming the response is. Disney+ “The Mandalorian” meant to be about this mysterious bounty hunter from the family of Mandalorians. Now, for all the right reasons, we wait every week to see what the baby is up to in the almost-30 minute episodes.

Stryder HD from YouTube knows exactly what the 50-years-old child is doing when it is not hanging out with Mando. The YouTuber made a small crossover video of it and Captain America. Remember that scene in Marvels Avengers: Endgame when The Cap feels powerless and hopeless in front of Thanos’ giant army? Just before when the portals open? Just before the epic “YIMBAMBE” battle cry? Let’s find out what goes down in this scenario:

“Zwiisshh!” Out comes the teeny tiny green lightsaber!

The darkest moments of the MCU quickly lightens up as Captain America sees a pod hovering towards him. Inside the cradle-pod is our very own baby Yoda. With its powers to possibly lift Thanos and rip him apart, are the duo enough to take down Thanos once and for all?

Baby Fights the Dark Side!

Avengers: Endgame’s crossover with Star Wars: The Mandalorian was fun to watch, although short. But, there is another video of the baby fighting. This time it takes on the darkest among the Star Wars galaxies: Darth Sidious!

What do you think of these epic and hilarious videos of baby Yoda? Especially the crossover with Avengers Endgame? Let us know what you think about how the fight with Thanos would have gone down!

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