Chris Evans To Raise Funds For Cancer Charity At ‘Giving Tuesday’

A growing trend called #GivingTuesday is celebrated annually after Thanksgiving. This year, it is coming on December 3. The movement started in 2012 and encourages people to do good. Now global movement aims to ask its volunteers to donate anything positive for society. It can be as simple as making someone smile, helping out a stranger, or donating old clothes. As a part of this, Chris Evans is set to spend his time raising funds for a cancer charity organization called Christopher’s Haven.

Chris Evans Will Celebrate #GivingTuesday Movement

Chris Evans posted the following tweet on his account:

There are several ways you can volunteer for the #GivingTuesday movement. As mentioned earlier, you can donate your time to someone by teaching them a new skill. You can help with financial donations to nonprofit organizations in honor of Giving Tuesday. You can be kind to someone and help them see the power of generosity that can better society.

Furthermore, you can perhaps donate your voice, raising awareness for issues less spoken. Maybe even try to raise awareness and promote the movement itself. Last, you can donate old stuff or anything else that you would like others to have.

The Avengers star is doing something special. He will associate himself with Christopher’s Haven for this Tuesday movement.

Christopher’s Haven | A Noble Cause

Christopher’s Haven is a charity that provides homes to families of people who are fighting cancer.  Located in Boston, Massachusetts, it operates a community consisting of seven apartments and a community recreation area for families of children with cancer.

Moreover, the cancer charity organization also promote Chris Evans’ new movie Knives Out

Kanes Donuts donated a portion of their sales for their “Knives Out”-themed doughnuts to them. The movie is a classic “who did it” murder-mystery starring Chris Evans.

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