Fans Want Gabbie Hanna & Tana Mongeau To Collab

Tana Mongeau and Gabbie Hanna are one of the most famous YouTubers and Internet personalities with huge fan followings. Tana is mostly popular for her Reality Show ‘Tana Turns 21’, her wedding with Jake Paul and the surrounding drama, and her ‘storytime’ style content. She also makes and writes her own music. In fact, her song Hefner, featuring her ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne, has over 16 million views on YouTube.

Gabbie rose to fame from her vines, ‘The Gabbie Show’ and also her music. She is a singer and songwriter with a number of recorded songs and videos. Her song Butterflies has more than 10 million views on YouTube.

Both the girls are winning at music. Well, the good news is that a Tana-Gabbie music collaboration may be in sight if both of them agree to their fans’ demands.

Tana Mongeau tweets about the new song..

Tana recently revealed in her latest tweet that a new song is stuck in her head. And she can’t wait for her fans to hear it.

Gabbie Hanna responds…

To this, Gabbie Hanna showed evident interest and asked Tana Mongeau to send her the song.

It was Gabbie’s tiny intervention and her interest in Tana’s new music. And fans have already started asking for a music collab featuring their two favorite YouTubers.

Someone also gave an idea to create a Tana Mongeau featuring a remix of the hit Gabbie Hanna song, ‘Broken Girls’.

Yet there is an ‘other side’ like always.

The others are Tana fans who DON’T want the two to collab, reason being ‘drama’ surrounding Gabbie Hanna or simply because they don’t like her.

Now that is a mixed feelings kind of scenario.

But one thing is for sure, both the girls are on good terms together and might be sharing their music with each other. If they come out with a music collab, we think it could very well turn out to be iconic.

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