Twitter demands Jeffree Star Cosmetics be treated like Jaclyn Hill

If Jaclyn Hill’s hairy lipsticks weren’t enough, we have now found hair in the Conspiracy eyeshadow palette launched by Shane X Jeffree recently. But that’s not the only issue. Many voices have been raised that everyone was quick to cancel Jaclyn Hill for her contaminated products. So why isn’t Jeffree Star getting the same treatment, or even being highlighted?

A hair found in Jeffree Star X Shane Dawson Palette?

Don’t believe it? Watch this video that a Twitter user ‘angelica rae’ posted to demonstrate how she found an icky long strand of what looks like hair.

“I wasn’t going to post this but the hair ruined my eyeshadow pan.”

She added that she was not expecting this from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. However she continued saying,

“Still going to use my palette regardless I was just not expecting huge ass fibers in my palette. I’m shook. I still love y’all”.

She also mentioned Jeffree Star Cosmetics asking for a refund as the hair ruined the eyeshadow pan saying “there were too many fibers to remove and it is embedded in the whole shade…”

People speak in favor of Jaclyn

Many people are starting to realize that Jaclyn’s product error led to a huge backlash, yet everyone keeps excusing Jeffree for faulty products.

It was highlighted that Jaclyn received ‘death threats’ but Jeffree stans just say “I still love y’all”. Where is accountability?

Jeffree responds

According to Jeffree Star on his Insta-stories, the ‘hair’ was fiber from the lab and he explained the lab process to clarify the presence of the fiber in eyeshadows  while admitting it’s “disgusting.”

Jeffree stated that there were 1.1 million palettes made, and ‘only’ 35 customers have emailed him to report the issue. He asked people to not compare his situation to Jaclyn’s saying “I’m not blocking people.”

He went on to share a video from his lab where the eyeshadows are getting pressed into the pan. A fabric lies between the metal and the eyeshadow pan. And again emphasizing on ’35’ he said some people got the fabric in their palette.

“It’s not toxic, it’s completely safe. But it’s still disgusting. It doesn’t represent my brand.”

He said he has ensured that this will never happen again, and anyone who experienced this can get a full refund or brand new eyeshadow palette.

Should Jeffree also get the Jaclyn treatment?

Whereas some people are pressing that Jeffree Star Cosmetics should be held as accountable and under the microscope for Conspiracy palettes as Jaclyn Hill was; many people disagree.

According to them, Jaclyn Hill did not respond to the situation professionally and went into hiding rather than gathering facts and facing the issue head-on like Jeffree.

What we think is no one deserves to get ‘canceled’ or receive death threats for these mistakes. What Jaclyn Hill had to face was a tad bit too much. At the same time, Jeffree stans can’t excuse him completely for this if the ’35’ number exceeds further.

All in all, this is a tricky comparison to make.

What do you think?

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