Disney+ May Introduce A Female Version of Loki in Tom Hiddleston Series

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) might be planning to surprise us all with this one. Disney+’s Loki series may introduce to us a female version of Tom Hiddleston’s Marvel character. An insider revealed that Marvel Studio can take up an idea from comics where Loki has occasionally appeared as female.

In 2009, “The Mighty Avengers” saga showed that Loki was reborn as a woman. The character then posed as Scarlet Witch and started her own version of team Avengers. Moreover, Marvel has also published an adult novel in which Loki is portrayed as a gender-fluid and pansexual. After hearing this, fans may now be more open towards accepting other versions of Loki.

Disney+ To Cast Sophia Di Martino As Female Loki?

ScreenRant reports told that Sophia Di Martino was cast alongside Tom Hiddleston in this upcoming 2021 Loki series. At first, it was unclear which roles would the actress play. Marvel did not comment on her announcement and neither did they break the news, it was just the rumors. Now it seems like something really is cooking up in this Disney+ TV show.

The inside source disclosed that Di Martino’s role would be a big one. The person claims that Di Martino would be sharing the role of Loki with Tom Hiddleston. This means that we might get to see Loki appearing as both genders in the series storyline. At this point, we must also consider the possibility of a changing storyline in the MCU universe. This is because Kevin Feige has already claimed that Marvel shows in Disney+ are important to understand the coming phases in MCU.

However, how can we explain the concept of female Loki when Loki died by the hands of Thanos? According to ScreenRant‘s theory, after Thanos killed Loki, a different version of the Trickster God could have been set free. Disney+ would be following the story and life of that version.

Right now, we are really far away in terms of guessing what the show’s storyline would be all about. Perhaps the concept of Loki’s female version is dropped sometimes in 2020, perhaps it changes to something else. Marvel Studio is not helping us out any bit right now; we would have to wait and see. So, stay tuned!

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