Tom Cruise Making All His Kids Join Scientology?

We are no strangers to the fact that one of the greatest stars in Hollywood is the face of newly found religion. Tom Cruise and Scientology seem like a never-ending bond. There were occasions where Tom Cruise came under rumors regarding Katie Holmes and their marriage to promote and expand Scientology. This marriage was after Tom’s marriage with Nicole Kidman. Now, Nicole shows concerns regarding her kids’ decision to join the Scientology Church, like their father.

Kids Follow Dad Tom Cruise to Scientology

Although Nicole Kidman has kept a more “alienated” approach towards her kids with Tom Cruise by speaking scarcely, she loves them a lot. She said to her adoptive kids Connor and Bella Cruise: “I’m here to love and support you.” She said this despite the fact that they chose to follow their father Tom Cruise to Scientology.

She said that it is a parent’s job to offer unconditional love. Reportedly, Tom Cruise would like to keep his children in the Church, and that means their mom might face difficulty in meeting them. According to New Idea, ex Scientologist Sam Dominga said that Nicole’s kids have strayed further away from her. They were spotted attending the International Association of Scientologists gala, the biggest event for the Church.

Sam Dominga talked about how Bella, Tom Cruise, and Nicole Kidman’s daughter was brainwashed as well:

“The IAS event is for devout cult members to hand over lots of money to [church leader] David Miscavige so he can build more cult buildings. Bella was brainwashed by [former high-level Scientology enforcer] Marty Rathbun personally when she was just a small kid and she lost her mother then.”

Sam Dominga basically claims that Scientology was forced on Tom Cruise’s kids. However, the Church denies this, obviously. Apparently, there are plans for Suri Cruise as well, daughter of Tom with Katie Holmes. This insider claims that her elder siblings often write to her, hoping to spark her interest in Scientology.

Leah Remini, from “The King of Queens”, once said that Tom Cruise is brainwashed. People close to him know that he has changed ever since he joined the Church’s army.

Let’s see if Tom Cruise will ever leave Scientology or make it a family legacy.

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